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Descendants Main Five + Auradon Students

(the british library flickr+discworld 2/?)

The Patrician flashed one of those sharp, fleeting smiles to say that something that wasn’t very funny had nevertheless amused him. ‘Veni, vici…Vetinari.’

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type : oneshot 

genre/rating : fluff; G

character : Jaebum 

plot : based off got7′s confession song, except that he’s the one confessing to you 

A/N : R.I.P markerifics!!!!!  


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Omg akaashi looks like he's going to run into bokutos arms

for posterity: did i save this pic or did this pic save me?

which fuels one of my favourite headcanons that seem to be popular in the fandom: every time they win or score a spectacular point, bo immediately picks akaashi up and spins him around, like at this point they’ve perfected the grace and speed needed for professional dancing idk, until akaashi is dizzy but everyone is still cheering and laughing and clapping them on the back, komi is demanding bokuto spin him next,

list of favourite characters: 3/?? -> Ren Jinguji


Legends of Tomorrow // “Leave me to dream”