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Bunch of palette experiments. (I’ll post them later). I miss WOY so much, these two especially. Syl ‘n’ Peeps’ interactions are my jam. My hand slipped and the fluffy stuff was drawn, I’m sorry (that’s a lie, I’m not).


SO going into acen this year after getting into taz i had NO idea what to expect as far as cosplays/content/etc. from it and i think i nearly died bc there were soso many awesome people aaAH !!! there were even more taz cosplayers than i could even take pics of but here’s some adventure zones aaaand a final pam

1st taako - @inkypop
1st magnus - @cloud-killed-by-doors

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get to know me meme | [9/10] favorite tv shows: Sailor Moon

“If a soldier’s pride means hurting one another, I don’t want it.”

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Tinies being eaten by their giant SOs

you read the tags didn’t you

This is another one of my favorite types of vore, but I like to think about this from a completely safe point of view, although the tiny might be unwilling, especially because the giant wouldn’t want to hurt their SO afterall;;; It’s that type of vore that’s focused on annoying the tiny that I love. Omg.

Giants that tell their SO that they’re sweet enough to eat, and the tiny has heard this line so many times that they know what’s about to happen next, but despite their protests and strings of “nononononoplsno” as the giant smiles this huge smile down to them and begins to pick them up, the giant ends up eating them anyway, calling them cute and sweet, subduing the tiny’s rage in their belly c:

Giants that “accidentally” knock their SO into their food and then pretend to eat them unaware, only to ask a few seconds later, “Oh dear, I wonder where my favorite little tiny went??” just to feel them pound against them from the inside and shout back “yoU ATE ME YOU JERK”

Giants that are bored want attention from their tiny SO, but the tiny is so busy that they keep brushing them off. So the giant takes matters into their own hands, like they literally just pick up the tiny and stick them in their mouth, maybe halfway into their mouth, just to tease the tiny with their tongue, drawing all of their attention away from their work so they would be focused on the giant. The giant pulls the tiny out from between their lips, and the tiny just glares at their smiling giant before asking to be put down, but the giant shakes their head, puts them back into their mouth, and eventually swallows them. The giant, amused by the struggle in their tummy, laughs and pokes at their belly to play around with the irritated tiny.

Make out sessions that accidentally turn into slurping the tiny into their mouth, and since they’re already in there anyway, leads to the giant inevitably swallowing them.

A tiny who walks into a room just to be met immediately the giant’s hungry gaze and a low, “You smell really good…” which freezes the tiny in place, prompting them to stutter out, “Wait, no I just took a shower, don’T–” only to end up covered in saliva and swallowed, filling their partner’s belly once again.

cute babies ><


favorite psych moments: 5x09 “have an amazing trip, okay? promise me. you know they say that, uh, these kind of trips are once in a lifetime experiences and that they’re even better when you have someone you care about to share them with. and you do.”