fave part!!!

my fave part about internet social culture is that people dont think that its real like u make friends on here and theyre just as real as they are in real life and social interactions on here may not feel like they carry the same weight like they do irl but like sis,,, ur still interacting with real human beings

personal highlights from the arrow panel:

  • katrina law is afraid of zombies (”but her girlfriend is a zombie so??”)
  • echo singing aaron burr sir
  • katrina says her fave scene to film was the milkshake scene with laurel&nyssa
  • the actress who plays felicity’s mom (who i dont remember), was the only one who remembered an old line and it was “pin the junk on the hunk” and thats so same
  • KC talked about how the wedding dress was her fave part of the crossover
  • according KC a black canary/black siren show down would be “very loud”
  • someone asked my question which was “is a talia vs nyssa showdown going to happen” and katrina gave my like ideal answer which was “i think my sister needs a beat down right now because she’s messing with my husband” and thats just so !! everything to me!!
  • also according to katrina: “there’s no divorce in the league of assassins”
  • basically i just screamed every time katrina answered a question

In “King of New York” I think one of my fave parts is when you can hear Katherine singing with the boys, and her voice comes in and out because of all the guys singing so loudly together. It just works so well