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When you realized you hit 100 posts forever ago, so you doodle some of your favorite moments because you’re trash. 

Click the pics for silly little quips.  〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)

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babywarrior5  asked:

Similar to the last ask but thoughts on John Oliver?

MY BABY BOY. MY BRITISH SON. MY ODD LOOKING CHILD WHOM I LOVE. do y'all remember when Jon Stewart was off directing his film and John Oliver stepped in and took over the daily show for an entire 8 weeks of summer? I was so NERVOUS that the show was gonna tank slightly (though I always loved Oliver as a corespondent I just didn’t know if he had what it took to host). And then those 8 weeks were so goddamn hilarious and look at him now!!! He’s got HBO money!!!!

anonymous asked:

Fave fics for each 1D pairing


zayn and liam: The Difference Between Knowing and Knowing, by luxover: a CLASSIC (early-stage band) amnesia fic that i will NEVER not love

zayn and harry: View from the Stars by colourexplosion, space au kill me.

(there’s more that i love AS THERE ARE WITH MANY OTHER SHIPS but it is late and i am tired and i haven’t read a LOT of zarry since 2015 since, upon letting zayn back into my heart, i’ve mostly been writing zarry instead of reading it, so i need to revisit some old faves and decide which are my fave-est faves)

zayn and louis: Like There’s Nobody Watching by Randominity 

(also there’s more zouis i love but have to dig up but i’m v tired now and saved this for last even though it’s early on in my list SO i will update w/ more as i can!)

zayn and niall: #Bring1DtoTortall by sevenpoints, a TORTALL AU SET DURING THE IMMORTALS WAR i CRY; also all of these.

liam and harry: t

liam and louis: the watersports scene @jessimond wrote for our buffy fic, to be ENTIRELY honest, is my favorite/the hottest lilo thing in the entire world and i’m allowed to say that bc she wrote that scene instead of me, but also: 

liam and niall: i’m…. so sorry i know i’ve read a lot of really good niam in my day but i can’t think of any specific titles or find any bookmarks on my browser beyond that of my own fic (Building Castles In The Air; x factor-era). i’m in too deep writing niampire to allow other niam to exist for me i guess :( i’m sorry :( HOPEFULLY SHALL UPDATE THIS SOON AS I REMEMBER.

harry and louis: in no particular order:

harry and niall:

  • Happy Genius Heroes by BlackWave - another TRUE CLASSIC of the FANDOM where niall is an aspiring evil genius and harry is his assistant/doctoral student. it’s mostly gen but also i love it
  • Maybe With Me by threeturn, look, everyone already knows that i love literally everything that @valencing does even if it’s a fandom i’m not even in, no one is surprised by this rec

niall and louis:

  • Anywhere That You Like by threeturn (also includes zayn/harry(/liam)) EVERYONE KNOWS THAT I LOVE VAL SO. YES. THING.
  • you saw me standing alone by dramaturgicallycorrect - despite this overall list having multiple werewolf fics i do not read a LOT of them, it’s just that the ones that i DO read are real good.

Just finished playing/recording Chapter 6 of Tales of the Rays.  I’m actually really happy with Rutee and how she appeared - I’m actually really glad they didn’t reduce her down to her “gald-obsessed Lens hunter” superficial personality they used in some of the Viva Tales Of! bonus skits and promotional materials.  The videos are going to take a few hours to upload, so in the interest of actually getting some sleep before I go to work tomorrow afternoon, I’ll make a separate post in the morning.  The videos are more or less a no-commentary “Let’s Play” for those of you who don’t have the desire/time to play a F2P crossover Tales game.  More behind the cut, including some Tales of Destiny spoilers (largely based off of my play through of the PS2 remake nearly 10 years ago) in addition to the expected Chapter 6 story spoilers.  (Also, going to tag my more spoilery Rays posts with “tales of the rays spoilers” so block that tag if you don’t want the story spoiled for you.)

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Not to be too basic but a whole audience singing a song in unison along with the singer is one of the most beautiful things ever.