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A Year in Review [2016]: Favorite Ships

3. AoY ships - Kang Yi Na x Seo Dong Joo, Yoon Jin Myeong x Park Jae Wan, Yoo Eun Jae x Yoon Jong Yeol, Song Ji Won x Im Seong Min(Age of Youth)

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hello! is it possible for me to ask if you could make a masterlist of 'wrong number au's'? they are currently my craving and so far i've only read 4-5 and i can't imagine that being all of them... and or if that doesn't work, maybe secret admirer au's? love notes, emails, texts, etc thank you soooo very much

Hi! I’m pretty sure you’ve read most (if not all) of these then (maybe except for the last one, which is fairly new), but just in case, here you have all the wrong number!au’s I know of and that are all definitely worth reading:

  • in better light, everything changes by TimeInABottle
    Summary: "I just checked the revue website and blackmailing people for smoking weed wasn’t listed under the Kosegruppa description" Or, Isak accidentally texts a stranger (Even) while trying to text Sana.

  • Wrong number by IsakEven
    Summary: Isak wants to text Jonas but he accidentally texts Even.

  • juste la fin du monde by loglady95
    Summary: Sana blackmailed Isak into hosting a party at his place and gave his number to a stranger.

  • Love Me Harder by tech_ftw
    Summary: In which accidentally being added to a group text has unexpected consequences. Like falling in love. 

  • company by violeteloiv 
    Summary: isak knows he should stop this call, that this would be the perfect time for him to say something, ‘hey sorry but you got the wrong number dude’ — anything before this call gets any more weird or awkward. whether it is his curiosity getting the best of him or just plain out horniness he couldn’t find a will in himself to do so. his grip to his phone is tighter as he listens to the heavy breathing at the end of the line. he stays silent pushing down the guilt bubbling in his gut.

  • call me any, anytime by elspethelf
    Summary: Isak texts Vilde… except it turns out not to be her.

  • don’t u let me go tonight by artcmonkeys
    Summary: in which isak calls the wrong number, finding a charming boy named even who he becomes infatuated with.


Now, because I’m a sucker for those too, here are the three secret admirer!au fics which everyone needs to read asap:

  • with love, from anonymous by cosetties and iriswests
    Summary: Isak just wants to get his coffee in peace, Even has a crush, and there’s a secret admirer on the loose.

  • “You don’t know it yet, Isak Valtersen, but you’re mine” by  Jules_poupard
    Summary: Isak is broken, and Even finally notices. Maybe he’ll be able to put him back together, or at the very least show Isak where his forgotten pieces lie.

  • You Scare Me (And I Love It) by i_once_wrote_a_dream 
    Summary: He’s chill. Except he isn’t when he feels something hit the back of his head. He doesn’t dare look back, but his face is flushed and heat pools around his ears and neck. He sits up straighter and forces himself to rewrite the last sentence. Alternatively, Isak’s got a secret admirer and Even is persistent.
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تداعي حر

شلت سطلي عالنبعة وكنا سبعة / أنا وحمص وقانا وداريا وصبرا وشاتيلا وشبعا / عم تاكلك الضبعة لأنك تاجرت بالرجعة / طز لما تغرق القارب وتشوف الثورة بدعة / مناضل خدعة / خدله خزعة


Hanakumamii Character Challenge ✖

Day 01 ☆ A character from your current favorite fandom
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