anonymous asked:

top 5 fave bands and movies?


1. teen suicide 

2. hole

3. nicole dollanganger 

4. panic! at the disco

5. elvis depressedly


1. requiem for a dream

2. but im a cheerleader

3. coraline

4. the pianist 

5. lolita 

My new job wants me to fill in a with information about me like fave food, movie etc to mail out the others at Catena. 

“If you had the opportunity to have lunch with any person in the world, who would it be?”

I hate everything, I don’t even do the memes I’m tagged in for god’s sake

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do you have fave movies that was shot in your state/ city

nothing was shot in my city because i live in satans asshole and nobody cares about it rightfully but like too much has been filmed in california for me to pin any down tho i love them all bcs i love california!!