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musical faves ⋆ brendon urie

“ I’m always trying to figure out how to be better because I never want to feel like “I’m just going to be this good all the time.” That’s what assholes did in high school when they peaked. I never wanted to be that, I always wanted to strive to be better I didn’t want to just sit back and say, “Oh yeah it’s all downhill from here I’m just gonna chill now.” [Laughs.] It’s boring. If I was going to be boring as a songwriter I would lose my mind so it just couldn’t happen.”


ok SO you go into the booth and he’s there looking SO FUCKING CUTE IN HIS LIL BEANIE and he was like hey how are you and I was like omg omg omg I’m good how are you and he was like very well thank you and then we took our photo and he smiled at me and I was like thank you so much and he was like its a pleasure aND SMILED AGAIN AND I DIED LITETALLY HES SO SWEET AND SO NICE AND HIS ACCENT IS FUCKING WONDERFUL I LITETALLY CRIED AFTER THE PHOTO