fave legendary tbh


Hunk aesthetic, @transguy-yata

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mi casa es su casa 

Fandom: Voltron (Legendary Defender) 

Pairing: Klance 

Summary: "Do you wanna do something fun?“

The room’s dark save for the faint glow of the panels that line Keith’s walls, and with its help he spots Lance kneeling beside his bed, eyes shimmering like the millions of stars that wink at them as they travel to universes they never knew existed.

Keith massages his temple, trying to will away the Lance induced headache. “Please, please tell me you didn’t just wake me up at ass o'clock in the morning to go on a play date with you.”

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So, I redrew one of my favorite screencaps and decided to try painting it instead of the usual way I’d color stuff, so yeah!


grabbike/gojek au is back!!!


lance: today you were sweet, tomorrow you’ll give me the chold shoulder

keith: you shit….

lance: this isn’t the first (date) but it’s the most interesting one!

keith: what…. i need to go….

lance: you’ve won my heart, you make me go crazy, my dear ~

keith: ah…see, now i’m late to pick up a customer…

(song from Tergila-gila by Tulus)