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Took a small break from portraits tonight to work on something that’s been in my brain the last few days. 

I place the blame at @eeblingtheshade for encouraging me, and my stone cold heart melting slightly for papa!solas. 

For maximum angst imagine this as a post trespasser dream. 

References used!


~Scamander Home~

Folks like Luna and Rolf would never be able to tie themselves down to a single spot of soil. After the two got married -in all of Luna’s eccentric glory- Rolf used some of his inherited Scamander fortune to buy, not a house, but one of the best Charmed Tents you could purchase. Whenever an adventure full of new creatures beckoned them to a place of another land, they’d fold up their home and carry it on their backs onto their next exploration; their twin sons, Lorcan and Lysander, knowing a home but not a house, and having a backyard that never ended.

Hailey Slater - Founder of the Slater Random Legacy

Marital Status: Single parent

Number of Children: Four

Primary Career: Criminal (Evil)

Generational Goal: Fulfilled

Misc. Fun: Random Traits

Coming soon.


i lov u all <3

fuck you i liked that one - underappreciated songs from popular artists

apink - hush
nine muses - gun
b1a4 - bling girl
rainbow - sunshine
block b - tell them
girls day - don’t forget me
cho PD ft. taeil - family man
spica - painkiller
vixx - error
seo in guk - shake it up
4minute - dream racer
orange caramel - bangkok city
snsd - mr. taxi
g.na - top girl
ga in - truth or dare
busker busker - ideal type
secret - love is move
tvxq - i don’t know