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Favorite TV Characters: {Hannibal} → Frederick Chilton.

“It is not as snappy as Hannibal the Cannibal, but he does have a much wider demographic than you do. You, with your fancy allusions and your fussy aesthetics, will always have niche appeal, but this fellow, there is something so universal about what he does.”


Fanfics I did would stay awake till 4AM to read a new updated chapter

Tonight was doodle night for me (too lazy and too hot for proper drawing), so I sketched my currently absolutely fave fic.
They all deserve full art, and I probably should do some in the future, but for the moment a quick doodle will still help me to express my love and gratitude to these wonderful writers <3

beautyagegoodnesssize asked:

I just rewatched botfa and can we talk about the freaking scene after thorin gives bilbo the mithril and he is basically like, "I don't trust anyone but you. Yes you gave your word and it was nobly done because you are the most amazing. And this gold is ours. Like me and you. Because I don't trust anyone else. I love you." ??????? Because I am ruined.

this scene destroys me too. Thorin? wants Bilbo?? to rule? Erebor? with him??? taken out of context, Thorin saying, “this gold is ours,” could mean “everyone here, including the rest of the company.” but that’s not what Thorin means, because the whole point of the conversation, the reason he pulled Bilbo aside to talk to him in private, is that he doesn’t trust the other dwarves. he’s not talking about them when he says “ours” (repeatedly), he’s talking about himself and Bilbo. “ours and ours alone,” like, could he be more obvious. he’s in love with Bilbo Baggins and, in his sickness, he wants them to own all of this treasure and hoard it together and rule the mountain, together. just the two of them, alone.