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Notes from Josh Keaton’s Shiro Birthday Interview

Note that some of this is paraphrased because I was typing while watching.

  • “but every now and then a Slav comes along in my life…”
  • they called him in to audition for Shiro; he didn’t “choose” it
  • “an email came across that said Voltron and I was like ‘WAAAAT?!’”
  • If not Shiro, what character do you see yourself most in: a cross between Lance & Pidge. He likes tech and cracking jokes; and when he was growing up, he had a lot of insecurity, and he enjoyed seeing that in Lance this season because a lot of people feel that way.
  • What are some of your favorite lines: “Form Voltron” 100%; and a lot of his inspirational stuff. “I like 'Go. Be Great.’”
  • What is your fave ep so far? “I love 'Space Mall’. It felt like watching an 80’s movie.” “I love the scene of them riding a cow!”
  • Any scenes that were tough to record in s2? “Nothing really difficult to record. ADR is a little hard (fight noises); but I love doing that.”
  • Any advice for those wishing to get into voice acting: take acting classes. Improv and cold-reading. “On Voltron, we get the scripts the night before.” “Even if you can’t sing, try.”
  • How do you get in the zone for voicing Shiro?: “I do push-ups. I’ll knock out 40 push-ups before I start; my posture’s gotta be on point; I gotta stand like Shiro; the resting face. He’s got that military bearing.”
  • What’s your fave memory of working on Voltron: “Honestly it’s been such a good experience, I don’t have a lot of standout memories from working on it. I love my cast - they’re my Voltron family - I love the writers, I love the crew. If there was anything, I’d say the first time we announced at WonderCon.”

johnlocked-ianthony  asked:

Hi there! I was rewatching TLD (my fave ep in s4 so far) and I noticed that the three times they show a gun shooting (one at the beginning, one when Sherlock gives the "taking your life" speech and one at the end) they're all the same. Except the first and last have one difference: the sleeves. Can you link some meta on it? Thank you so much! (P.S. you're awesome!)

Hi Lovely!

I’ve ACTUALLY seen a meta about this a bit ago… But according to this meta and this meta, they’re all the same gun, which is why the Unreliable Narrator Theory is still standing firm. The sleeve differences are hard to see, but it’s there. The first one has a sleeve:

and the last on does not (Eurus’):

It’s the same gun but not the same arm, which is why people are questioning the opening gun. Now it may be John remembering the gunshot by Norbury:

Except… she’s wearing a white shirt under the blue sweater, which you can clearly see in the sleeve here, but not in the first one.

Many people have stated that the first one looks like John’s hand, which is why many of us believe that John actually shot Mary, and why it transitions from that into John:

People have speculated that it is John remembering shooting Mary.

As an aside, I find this transition interesting:

Where we NEVER see John’s left side. So we see a gunshot, John lying down and an odd cut off of his left side. This, for me, is the beginning of the Garridebs Theory of John being Shot in the Head, or at least supports the theory that most if not ALL of S4 is all John’s TAB.

ANYWAY that was totally off topic, but I thought of it while I was making that gif of the transition. The point I’m trying to make, is that the guns in TLD are NOT all being fired by the same people that we think they are (Norbury or Eurus). This is one of the things that twigged at me that the whole of S4 is Unreliable Narrator / John’s Alibi / John’s TAB. 


It’s a chance. Instead of being out here. Instead of just making it.

2x11 Review

I finally got to watch the ep and it’s so good to finally good to have Luke Garroway back on my tv screen. 

So ep has been one of my faves so far from season 2, I  love the new characters. I’m interested in Azazel than Sabastian but both were incredible in the first ep, and I love Ollie casually talking about her girlfriend, she shady af but I’m more happy for the lgbtq+ rep. 

I was so happy about the parabatai training scene and oh god the Luke and Maia scenes, they were everything to me, also the Maia + Simon scenes, remind me why they aren’t dating instead, smh. I’m so happy that Simon is using this daylighter thing to get some normalcy back into his life. 

One of not my fave story lines returned too, and this is where the rant starts. They couldn’t let the drug thing go, could they? I’m absolutely disgusted by Isabelle’s behavior, I understand that she was going through withdrawal but the fact that she was willing to kill Raphael just because he was doing something that would benefit the both of them, goes to show how little shadowhunters care for downworlders life. 

Raphael, I’m so relieved that he had enough willpower to not give in to Izzy, also I which the writers would acknowledge that he’s canon ace and stop over sexualizing the scenes he’s in. I’m disappointed that they cut the cheek touching scene because I feel that would have been a very vulnerable moment for him and I think Simon would have also gotten a sense of how hard it is to actually be a downworlder and espcially a vampire. 

Also, a lot of people ignore Alec’s behavior towards not only to Raphael but Magnus. In Raphael’s case, I sort of understand where he’s coming from but he barges into his boyfriend’s house kiss him hello then not ask but demands that Magnus come help him and after he talks to Raphael, he walks tf out “let’s go”. Mind you this is supposed to be a relationship. And his hostility towards Raphael, please Alec you need to stop acting like your sister isn’t at fault too. I honestly don’t care who they are, all shadowhunters are prejudice and it showed.

i think my fave scene from powerless so far is the retreat ep where emily gets infected by the truth gas and she just tears everyone left in the office a new one for being so selfish and unappreciative and is only drawn into the safety room by karaoke bc honestly same


Cami O’Connell in every episode  1x09 Reigning Pain in New Orleans”

K: “Oh, it’s quite all right. She knows.”
M: “She does?”
C: “That you’re vampires? Don’t worry. He’s compelled me to forget everything as soon as I leave. That way, I’m too busy agonizing over whether or not I’m losing my damn mind to realize I’m playing spy for an immortal egomaniac.”