fave drummers


Michael Keaton heard Dylan O’Brien on the drums before he saw him

Ghost + Symbolism

Nameless Guitarist - Alchemical symbol for fire 

Nameless Bassist - Alchemical symbol for water

Nameless Keyboardist - Alchemical symbol for air

Nameless Drummer - Alchemical symbol for earth

Nameless Rhythm Guitarist - Alchemical symbol for aether


my sketches are Small and Bad™️, featuring all your fave characters:

- scritchy scratchy drummer girl
- dirk idk what happened gently
- im so sorry jade
- forehead brotzman

🌟…I’m fed up with bein’ a macho drummer …🌟
• ••…'ere, a late gift to Terry Chambers - our own drumming class kiddie from Swindon, who’s now sixty fockin two!
Big thanks to @heartbeatkitty for having shared the quotes! •• •    

s p a r k l e m o t i o n 1987 🌟 2o17
🌟. item: flower class kiddie
🌟 pencil • sparkling watercolour • golden ink
8 brush • on photocopied record store receipt