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| Madame | Lafayette

“You did it again.”

Lafayette blinked, looking at you with wide, confused warm brown eyes. When he realized his mistake, he rubbed the back of his head, smiling nervously.

“Ah, sorry madame-”

“There! Again!”

Lafayette winced as you crossed your arms, narrowing your eyes. Your foot tapped at the floor in irritation.

“Lafayette, how long have we been friends?” You asked, trying to regain your calm. 

He seemed to be attempting to remember the exact amount but eventually just sighed. “Several years.”

“And we have spoken how many times?”

“It is, how you say it, too many to count.”

“So why do you still call me ‘Madame’?”

Lafayette bit his lip, licking over the flesh and causing your gaze to stray there for a second before you regained your focus.

“I am sorry mademoiselle,” He apologized, sincerely. You almost shivered at the deep accent you should have been long accustomed to by now. “But it is a habit.”

“A habit you should be over!” You scowled. 

Lafayette raised his eyes to the ceiling before bringing them back to you. This time there was a mischievous light dancing there, a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth.

“Ah, excuse me madame,” He mused, ignoring the way you balked at the name yet again. “But why are you so adamant on me not calling you that? It is polite, no?”

The question made you shut up. Why? Because…if you were being honest, the title seemed too formal, too conventional for a man who you wanted to be ever so closer to.

“Well, I mean,” You stuttered. “That is-”

“That is…?” He quirked an eyebrow, and you had the most horrible suspicion in your gut that he had could have already figured it out. 

Before you could even think another word, the comfortable distance between you was closed, and you were suddenly standing nose to his chest. Your breath hitched.

“You would perhaps wish for me to call you something else?” The heat surrounding you was all of a sudden too much. You were too aware of the flush rising up your neck but was powerless to stop it. 

“Yes,” You managed to spit out when you realized he had asked you a question. 

“Hmm,” He mockingly pretended to think, tapping his chin before a hand was gripping your waist, bringing you impossibly closer. 

You jolted. “Lafayette-!”

“Shh Y/N,His lips brushed your ear as he spoke the words, voice digging down into somewhat of a carnal growl. They pressed at a spot just below the lobe, whispering against your skin. “Rendez-vous à moi mon amour.”

You had no idea what he had said, but knew enough of the basic language to decipher the last two words, and that was plenty sufficient to have your legs turn to jelly. Lafayette chuckled, pulling back with a satisfied grin, giving you back your space to allow you to breathe.

He lifted your hand and taking it to those sinful lips, kissed the tips of your knuckles. “Farewell, madame.”  

With that he swept away, light as a feather, gone in an instant just as quickly as he had come. It took you several moments, but once you gathered your melting thoughts together to register what had actually just happened, you recalled his parting words and reddened.



reasons I love “Washington On Your Side”

- it starts out so calm and cool with Burr creepin on Jefferson like I just imagine him like “psssst come here I’m starting an anti-Hamilton club”

- Daveed Diggs. that is all. like come on “someone load the gun and cock it” vfugdhjsknldjsnk

- Daveed and Leslie’s harmony during “it must be nice” 

- then Madison comes in and that’s when things start getting turnt and ohhhh great now they’re angry


- goes / grows & leads / weeds / seeds / misdeeds


aaa heart racing !! ☆