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Modeling is definitely one of those “endeavors outside of music” she’s been working on

Ok lesbian minako spam because im literally crying this hc has warmed me (also based my experiences of being ur fave lesbian dancer) 

  • Minako coming out to her dance troupe and expecting backlash, disgust, you can’t change with us anymore but they’re her sisters and love her. 
  • Minako being DISGUSTED by people who imply she dances for any reason other than her love of the art. 
  • Minako going through the “Just came out of the closet” stage and chopping off all her hair right before a competition and having to wear extensions in performances for like 2 years.
  • She had a poster of Lilia that was her gay poster.
  • Minako meeting Hiroko in college through a class/tutor session and she just FALLS because she’s so cute and small and chubby and Minako is dying. 
  • They end up dating a little bit but end on good terms since Minako needs to focus on her career+travel. They remain life long friends. 
  • When Hiroko meets Toshi she expects Minako to be upset but no she does a 20 min long speech at the wedding and when Mari is born she deems herself godmother while sobbing because “I LOVE THIS CHILD” 
  • Lbr, the Katsuki kids are her kids. 
  • When Yuuri is born she knows she FINALLY got a little dancer. 
  • She watches him, helps him, learns EVERYTHING to know about anxiety, keeps an extra bottle of his meds in her purse, does his hair for competitions, is the driving force of him going pro. (Yuuri’s family in canon doesn’t know a lot about it…so someone had to) 
  • She finally lets it drop she’s a lesbian to Yuuri and Yuuri is midspin, stops, and then starts sobbing because he likes boys and he’s SCARED. 
  • I’m not saying that Yuuri came out for the first time sobbing in Minako’s studio in nothing but a tank top and tights but……

Amazing!! Credit to @rachelfit1989_ : Ballerina still one of my faves ❤️
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get to know me: favourite dancers → Kaycee Rice

If I can’t express how I feel, the frustration towards all the upsetting comments I see here or on twitter about vixx then I should just quit this blog. why can other fandoms put our faves down while we have to stay ‘polite’ about it? I won’t be polite when any fandom calls my fave a ‘back dancer’ when he won dancing awards, I won’t be polite when any fandom says my fave should be happy collaborating with rookies because they’ll get more views. I don’t mean to put any groups down, it might sound like I do mean it but I am upset. It’s not an excuse, but I’m trying to explain myself. I do like BTS, EXO, BAP, and other groups, but when their fans get really impolite and write very offensive comments I get pissed off and I get frustrated. I sounded very rude and people started to hate me over the past couple of months but I get very frustrated about the mistreatment VIXX are facing. I care about them so much and within a few years maybe none of this will matter and I will be like: none of that was worth it, but right now I am pissed off, I am upset because VIXX are always looked down upon and it’s REALLY frustrating. So I apologize if I made anyone feel uncomfortable. I’ll be taking a break until I feel better and until you no longer feel attacked or upset by me. 

i feel like btf judges do not take into account the level of difficult of solos at all….


Seulgi dancing to Sherlock and Growl on Weekly Idol


Can’t forget to wish the AH-MAZING @quinn_starner a very happy birthday! I seriously can’t believe she is 15!🙀❤ so talented and so bendy! She is one of my FAVE dancers to watch!! 🎉🎁🎈so here’s some #quinntortion #quinnstagram 😂
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And your love is anemic, and I can’t believe
That you couldn’t see it coming for me

He is my hairy dancer child and I loVE HIM