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Do you have any idea how many attempts it took me to get kageyama just so i could draw this stupid comic¿¿¿

Here’s the test in case you want it :-)

nighty knight✨

That moment we were all Deadpool

like I’d prefer gay trans interracial couples (like one of my fave comic characters) any day but like getting mad at straight and gay poc for being happy about one of the very few interracial couples and straight and gays trans people for being happy about one of the even fewer trans characters who are in a straight relationship is rlly fucking dumb. like white cis gay couples are important yes but I’m getting sick of white cis people being pretty much the only ones on tv

I wanted to be Lois Lane since I was five years old so there you go and I watched Superman 2 on repeat over and over and over. But when the opportunity arose, of course I was nervous, I wanted to, you know, make you guys all happy with Lois but at the same time I was just willing and open to bring a very modern take on her and just sort of embrace this really strong woman and it’s this wonderful thing that woman have where we have this emotional intelligence and vulnerability along with strength that Zach lets me bring to Lois.
—  Amy Adams on her portrayal of Lois Lane