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Sophie & Ben in 2006

Reasons I am eternally grateful to Horrible Histories:
  • Portrayed Mary Tudor as well-rounded and sympathetic, noted her good points as well as her bad, and portrayed her as never intending a lot of the bad things that happened during her reign, instead of just portraying her as a pure evil demon queen
  • (Also gave Mary Tudor a catchy song that featured my fave HH song lyric: “But there’s no need to worry if at first you don’t succeed”)
  • Portrayed Anne of Cleves as not ugly and quite pretty, and a nice person,but her and Henry just not liking each other in that way
  • Never once had Henry call her ugly or unnattractive
  • Portrayed Henry and Anne of Cleves divorcing on good and friendly mutual terms
  • Seriously
  • I legit cried
  • Four for you Horrible Histories
  • You go Horrible Histories

Now if the children’s comedy can get it right, why can’t serious dramas and proper adult documentaries? 

I’m such tjlc trash that I’ve ready moved on to a year from now when we’ve had canon johnlock for a year and tfp is our fave screwball comedy where up is down and black is white