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BOG SOCK과 BTS의 빛나는 순간ㅤ
9월 5일 공개ㅤ

BOG SOCK and BTS’ Shining Moment
September 5th Release

[Video] Yoongi: What shines is not eternal. Even if the sunlight makes you squint, you will get used to it as time passes. Even if you go up sky high, even the things that were once blue, moments are not eternal; but when you shine, the world slows like it stopped, and that light does not fade.. BOG SOCK. PUMA.

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Halt and Catch Fire soundtrack appreciation 2/??: Let's talk about Cameron Howe listening to Big Boys

I don’t think it’s possible to overstate how brilliantly Halt and Catch Fire uses its soundtrack to develop its characters (it fully ranks with The Sopranos, The Americans, and Mad Men in this and many other aspects; if you want an example of a ‘prestige’ show with a garbage soundtrack, check out The Handmaid’s Tale). I also don’t know if I can convey how impressed I am with how well it manages to use punk and hardcore, and that it does so without turning Cameron into a caricature.

There are a lot of nice selections in the first two episodes (The Clash, Bad Brains, The Vandals, Richard Hell and of course all the non-punk used for the other characters) but in “High Plains Hardware” the soundtrack steps up its game, with “Germ Free Adolescents” by X-Ray Spex (Cameron leaps through the empty office to it, <3), “First Time” by The Boys (that beautiful scene where we see Cameron go out into daylight for the first time in what feels like ages to cash her first Cardiff paycheck) and most notably to me, two songs by Big Boys, a hardcore band that is frequently overlooked for Minor Threat, Black Flag, and other DC & L.A. groups, and that Cameron might have actually seen because they’re from Austin. I mean, how else would she have gotten their cassette tape, in the early 1980s, if not at one of their shows?

1. “Advice”: Cameron, who is a bit of a scavenger by necessity, goes around the office taking office supplies and personal items from desks previously occupied by people who just got laid off, while listening to “Advice” on her headphones – while many of the fired ex-employees are still there. It’s only a minute long, so the show uses the entire song, and I still can’t believe how well it suits how inappropriate and insensitive she’s being here (whether it’s because she’s not neurotypical or because she’s white and relatively privileged).

And they tell you
You’re a mess
And they tell you
How to dress
And they tell you
What you’ve found
And they tell you
About your sound

And it’s good for you
I don’t need your
You can screw your

2. “We Got Your Money”: This is the stand out track though. It’s used over the credits at the end of the show, and when it first comes in, it’s over the end of the scene where Donna turns in her report to Hunt later than promised, connecting it to this scene where Cameron watches her new local punk acquaintances dance. Also, both this and “Advice” are mixed so that they sound loud and clear and like the show’s soundtrack, but we can see people listening to them in the scene. So it’s like the music is both diegetic and ex-diegetic, or, it’s both within and outside of the scene, as if it’s supposed to feel epic and dominate the viewer’s attention.

I want to be a problem
I want to cause a scene
I want to get reactions
And wake you from you dream
I don’t care if you don’t like it
Or you think that it’s the best
As long as you remember
Then we’re up with all the rest

I want to be different
I want to make you see
I want to make you wonder
Is it you or is it me?
I’m the big question
You’ll never understand
And to all you frat boys

“We Got Your Money” is about a pretty common theme in punk; it situates the band as deliberate agents of disruption, who maybe look like the losers here to everyone else, but who are smarter than the bullies they’re scamming. Which, is exactly who and what Cameron is without really trying and who Donna would sort of like to be. But significantly, unlike a lot of other white bro hardcore throughout the ages, Big Boys were actual outsiders, between being from Texas/removed from most of the major punk scenes of the day, refusing to be as self-righteous, joyless, or nihilistic as a lot of other big hardcore bands (both musically and socially/politically), being fat, and being fronted by an out and proud gay vocalist. It’s not difficult to see how they would appeal to Cameron, who also is a sort of born outlier who intimidates most of the yuppies she comes across.

You can read more about Big Boys here. (Or, you can just watch the hotel punx scene on a loop, your call!)


[푸마] 슈가의 빛나는 순간ㅤ BOG SOCKㅤ X BTS: ISSUE 1. 슈가

[PUMA] Suga’s Shining Moment BOG SOCK X BTS: ISSUE 1. SUGA

[Video] JK - G#. What else needs to be said?
[Writing] Your Shining Moment. BOG SOCK.

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