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Sorry, but all the "clues" u claim S&C are giving are nothing but PR for the show. Until I see one pic of S&C together outside of work events, I will have to say you are wrong. What clues? they call each other husband & wife? So what? He calls Bree his "daughter!" Melissa - his "other wife." So ridiculous. Why have two drivers? They have taken exactly NO vacations together. NONE. Show me a pic/evidence of them together outside of work. One? Two? You can't. They are friends. That's all.

I’m going to pretend this isn’t the oldest damn argument in the book and ask you to untwist your panties for just a second anon and consider this. PR for the show you say? So Sam and Cait both faving and posting about celeb couples who met at work and were married for decades is for PR? There’s a distinct difference between him calling Melissa his wife (nevermind that Melissa Benoit is already married) and him calling Cait his wife. With Cait, it’s wifey, its the Mrs, its my wife, saying their relationship like a real marriage, the ball and chain (yep he said that too). Cait calls him hubby, bubs, “my darling,” he’s “#1″ in her book. PR? Naaah. Now you also say they don’t hang out outside of work. Then let’s have a look at some pictures, shall we?

Cait showing up at the LA Marathon to cheer on Sam was just for PR? Maybe. Sam stopping to talk to her was for PR? Sure. If you think every TV star who runs a fucking marathon (in 90 deg heat no less) stops to talk to their co-star, who just happens to be on the side lines with a sign around her neck. 

Sam and Cait hiking with CAIT’S SISTER is just for PR? Hiiiighly doubtful.

Live tweeting from a hotel on a bed together? Yes, I will give you that they were live tweeting the episode but was any of it publicized beforehand? No. Did they have to live tweet TOGETHER in the same room? ON A BED? With alcohol, Cait in pajamas and a full face of makeup (so she clearly had changed) and Sam looking like he just came back from a date? No no and HEEEELL NO.

Let’s not even discuss the fact that Sam and Cait are both incredibly private people and have BOTH said they do, in fact, hang out outside of work. Sam in particular has gone on at length about their walk(s) around Hyde Park, sushi dates in LA, their hiking trips (I wouldn’t want to embarrass you by going to find MORE of those pictures so I’ll let you imagine), the shows they’ve marathoned together, the stories of them being spotted in Glasgow at restaurants…

I’d go on but I wouldn’t want your tiny little head to explode. 

Interview - Seventeen Magazine
  • 17: How is Surfboard different than your other videos?
  • Cody: Surfboard was one of the first videos I produced in this next phase of my career. I feel like I've just been through that period where you mature in a really short amount of time. Going into the studio and really finding out what I want to do and where I want to go next, and how I want everything to sound and look, has been a great experience for me.
  • 17: Seventeen readers say that you and Gigi are definitely one of their fave celeb couples. Was it your idea to include her in the video?
  • Cody: Yeah, it was my idea. It was only natural for me to want to have her in it because the chemistry is real. She was perfect. It was funny because there was some kissing scenes and when they had to cut, we just kept going! It was just like hanging out with my girlfriend on the beach. The chemistry was very natural, and I think people can see that.
  • 17: What's the best love advice you've ever gotten?
  • Cody: Honesty is very important. I've never been a fan of playing games. With Gigi, there were never any games. Life is so short—if you feel something for someone, tell them. There’s other people out there if that one doesn't work out! It’s important not to take things too seriously. If a girl gets broken up with, she thinks it’s the end of the world, but it’s really just the start of your world! Just relax and realize that there are 5 billion people in this world.
  • Source: seventeen.com