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Love is a many splendored thing, love lifts us up where we belong. All you need is love! 

hi it’s me!! and i was gonna wait until i hit 10k but i’m impatient so we’re doing this now

all these people are wonderful & amazing! fave blogs are italicized and if you’re a mutual let me know bc i’m so bad at that sort of thing and i want to be friends!!

thank you for brightening my life with your blogs and hope y’all enjoy xx


@adorablehowell @adziedoodle @amazinghcwell @amazingphil @ask-tiny-grumpy @backin2009 @beautifulester @bookishlester @boxed-milk @cactiphilly @childlikemperor @cringe-attacks @dailyphan @dandelionlester @danisnotjealous @danisnotonfire @danny-howell @darkphannie @delighthowell @drinkyourfuckingmilk @earthlester @emolise @expensivehowell


@frickinlester @goddesslester @greyphan @hey-howell @hobbithairhowell @howelles @howelletc @incaseyouart @innuendo-howell @jedihowell @lilshithowell @limitlessphan @literalsunshinephil @luminarylester @lumpy-phan @maddox-rider @markiplier @memefuckhowell @mrphilip @muselester


@obsidianhowell @ohhowellno @orgasmicphil @pansexualphil@partypewds @pegasihowell @petalphan @pewdiecringe @phandomestic @phansangels @philhowll @phillestersdick @phiru @pixelatedphan @planethowell @plant-boy-lester @prettyboyphan @rainydayhowell @rebloggingphan


@shinyphan @spookydan @squishyhowell @sweetlyphan @theaterdan @thedanandphilpheels @toebeo @twinkletoeshowell @viria @writerhowell

anonymous asked:

Hey I was wondering if you'd be able to please recommend any multifandom blogs that you follow with a focus on Misha/Cas and/or yoi?


mostly/100% yoi:

@goldmetalvictor @katteens @honeyuuri @vityanikiforova @ice–ice-baby @katsudonyuuri @viktyuuris @softnikiforov @viktyuri @victuurii @victuriwins @katsukys @literallynothingbutvictuuri @fyyoi

mostly misha/cas/spn:

@kvasirmisha @snugglejensen @rabidbinbadger @cas-lost-grace @unafraidcas @mycocklestiel @casdaily @thecastieldaily @wehatemisha @preciousmish @too-much-tv-no-social-life 

it’s been a lifetime, but 2016 is finally coming to an end. to show my gratitude towards you all, i thought why not make a follow forever?! this time, i’m just including my mutuals and some of my fave blogs (but everyone i follow is dear to me). whether you post your own content or share your love for your bias groups, you brighten up my dash and make this Hell site a nicer place to be. to my mutuals, i really love each and every one of you. i’m extremely grateful to have gotten to know some of you and i hope i continue to do so! and to my followers (especially those who actively pop up in my notifs!), thank you for sticking around.

so here’s to 2017! i sincerely hope it will be a year that treats you kinder, one in which you can look back upon with fond memories and a warm heart. i love you all!!!

mutuals 💕

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hi! u said u follow me, but i checked with ur main url (talkngfishbone) and it says that blog doesn't follow me. if u decided to unfollow, that's cool! but i was just confused, do u know if there is any reason that might show up?

Oh!! I swear!! I do not know what madness is happening with tumblr but I am realizing that I stop following a lot of people? Please tell me privately who you are, because all this is a confusion.


please don’t delete the text or self-promote -  you’ll be automatically disqualify

Hi lovelies! In honor of reaaching 5k followers I decided to update my faves page. Read carefully!


  • must be following be me (@allurae)
  • reblog this post - likes bookmarks only
  • have a similar blog style
  • if you are in my faves 2.0, you still need to reblog to be considered


  • your blog will be showcase on a faves page
  • a follow from me - if not already
  • a new friend
  • promo of your choice once a week


  • reblog this post more than once
  • join my awards, blowshowcase ect… here
  • talk to me
  • be nice to your followers
  • have an active blog


  • banner made by me
  • if you have any question, feel free to message me here
  • I don’t know how many blogs I’ll pick -it depends on the notes


Love, Faith  

@askthefallenhuman IS FOLLOWING ME.

☆☆☆ Put this star into the inbox of your favourite blogs. It’s time to spread positivity ( ´ ▽ ` ).。o♡ *hugs you tightly* ☆☆☆

//I may not directly send this but lemme chat with you, knock your IM door ‘cause why don’t I talk to you if I like your blog, RP blog or not? Even if I don’t follow you, even if you’re not my fave blogs, but since you’ve been following me, why don’t I hug all of you to say thanks?

So yeah, this is how I spread positivity. And I do it all the times if I’m online.

Hi everybody!! I want to thank you for all the support I recieved during all this year. I’m very happy to meet such amazing people, really!!  Today I do my second follow forever here and I want to do a special mention to many people who helped me or just made me happier with their flawless blogs.


25thomas a-distantdreamer aaron-ramseyss aaronransey aaronjramsey aboutmessi alcantarara allhailkingklose allneullereverything alvarovazquezalvaromorataz arjenrobbens arsewenger arsene-s azpi  babymessibadmuller badstubingbadstuuberbaeyern barca-penguins barca-forever barca-aka-life barcelonaesmuchomas bastischweinskisbastiischweinsteigers  being-cule blaugranabish  blaugr4na bonsairafinha boreussincampnou-s campnouparadise carles-puyol carlesspuyol carljenkinsons cruyffsbeckenbauer dailygotzeus danialvse dangerreus davidalabae debuchies debushit depaysmemphis derppique draxlrs dxbayern elreus esmullert esmuelletr erikdrum 


fathermessifederersroger football-s​ fuckneuer funsteiger gauchom03gairethbalegareth–wales​ germanyntlover gothzeus gunnerproud hbadstubers hcetorbellerin heromanu heyalaba heymuller hoewedes holger-badasstuber holger-badstubitch hulkmels iniesta-s iniestand itswilsherepants jackswilshere javierpastorie jordii-alba jordialbaes jordii-alba juanbrnt juansteiger juliebjohnstons


k1osenough kingmasche kyapii lacinquena lahmist lahmm lajoyadybala larrybarcalcwandowski leeyumpein lewanmawski lionel-messis llahm​ lotzens ​ lovedeutschland lovedfb maldinis mandzilkos mandzo manuelnxuer mario-hotze mariogotzespretzel masxerano mgoetzinho mertes4cker mes-que-un-club messidios messiomg messisaguero messislollipop messismyhusband miasanbae miasanmannschaft miasanwolfie michaelcarrick miroslavvklose mullehr mullered mullse munchens mustafing nakedreus neuersnutella neumels neuuer neymeriaa neymerjr neyyjr nora-bartra-afellay obihankenobi  ohcarlesmycarles​ oligirouds oliviergiiroud oliviergiroudd​ oxslaychamberlain​ 


papapoldi permertesackers piqueque piszczk piszczy pocholavezzi podollski poldies polditu ppiquechu pppper punkschweinsteiger radiomuller rafinhasalcantaras ramseysgibbs​ reneeisabarcafan reusment reusmuller riberriesrobaertlewandowski rpatricio rr4mbo sassycesc sassycesc scarlett-madridista schweinsteigeres schwein-ski​ schweinstgr secretariats sergiobusquets5 sergiobusquetsburgos som-i-seren stayforeverbarca sunshinesovertherains t0nikroos teambarca ter-stegen thebayern thecatalans thecruyffturn thefrenchgunners thomasandbasti  thomasmuellerfcbayern thoumasmuller thomasxabi totsunitsbarcelona


uefadaily uresogays vamosbaarca vicsfuetes villlas visca-fcb welovemesutozil wilsheresdimples wilsheresperfection wojshere xavihernandesxavimascheranos xaviniesta 

Sorry if I forgot someone… There’re lots of blogs that I love!!

i recently hit 500 followers and i thought to get my mind off of things, i’d make a mini faves page for my blog so !!


❀ must be following me !! (@smoothiebabe)

❀ reblog this !!

❀ likes aren’t counted as entries 

better chance:

❀ talk to me !! im a p nice kid

❀ have a similar blog type !!

❀ send me cute posts you think i’d like !!


❀ i’ll follow you if im not already

❀ u get a spot on my faves page

❀ i’ll probably promo u !!

❀ a new frienderino (that me) !!!

❀ possibly if someone wants to b pen pals that’d be rlly rad !!

other info:

❀ i’ll probably delete this if it gets .1 note that’d b embarrassing

❀ im gonna pick 15-20 blogs

❀ i’ll pick when i think it’s a good time to