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@buckcompton​ asked: 9 (favourite episode/season)  + Band of Brothers
                                         part eight: the Last Patrol

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i have no explanation for this other than i wanted to procrastinate studying for a test!!! so under cut there are 159 otp tags that u can use for ur cute 1x1s or indies or any ships at all!!! i got all of these from lyrics of one of my fave bands of all time, the nbhd separated by album/ep!! enjoy and pls like/reblog if u find this useful :)

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I love the full version of the Tales of Berseria OP

BURN by the band FLOW

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Name: Alicia
Nickname: Liss
Gender: Female
Star Sign: Scorpio
Height: I actually have no idea 5"something
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Hogwarts House: Gryffindor
Fave colour: Purple
Fave animal: Fishies!
Average hours of sleep: 8/9
Dog or Cat person: Dog
Favourite fictional person: Ferris Bueller
# of blankets I sleep with: 1
Fave singer/band: Oh boy here we go: 5SOS, 1D, All Time Low, Jonas Brothers (yeah still)
Dream Trip: Literally no idea, anywhere
Dream job: One with lots of money preferably
When was your blog created: 24/06/2012
Current number of followers: …
What made you create a tumblr: Nick Jonas made me do it


can you please reblog this so i could follow you? i need more people to follow that like bands. my faves is all time low and the amity affliction. also, you don’t have to only post bands, i’m okay with multifandom blogs.thanks! 🌼✨

Ahahhaaha awkward!

the signs as red hot chili peppers songs

Aries: can’t stop
Taurus: snow
Gemini: dani california
Cancer: make you feel better
Leo: 21st century
Virgo: californication
Libra: by the way
Scorpio: scar tissue
Sagittarius: around the world
Capricorn: tell me baby
Aquarius: the adventures of rain dance maggie
Pisces: hard to concentrate

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Name/ Nickname: Lily - my friends call me Lils, Lilt or Lilaay

Where you’re from: London, England bruvvvv

Favourite Colour: Baby blue

Do you like spicy food: Tomato ketchup is a spicy food right?

Biggest fear(s): that my friends don’t actually like me (oops that was deep)

Top 3 hobbies: acoustic guitar, writing and photography

How many siblings you have: younger brother who’s like 6 inches taller than me

iPhone or Android: iPhone 5S but it’s pretty shitty ngllllll

Somewhere you’d love to visit: Australia because it looks like pure bants

If you could meet one person, who would it be: would love love love to meet Jack (jacksepticeye) one day!

Artist/ band you’d love to see in concert: I’ve already seen my all time fave band (Green Day) but other than them The Killers probably

Concert(s) you’ve been to: so so so many! highlights include Green Day, Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, Panic!, TOP and Imagine Dragons.

Favourite YouTubers: Jack, Mark, Felix, Dan & Phil, Ethan & jacksfilms

Favourite thing about yourself: I stand up for myself and my own opinions

Something you’re looking forward to: absolutely cannot wait to start university in September to study English Lit!!!!! It’s going to be lit af

I tag: @billiethehoe @holy-behavior@arophan @subbydingdan @markired @drag0nslayergirl @nerdyhjarta @darkiplierisbehindyou @jacksepticeyebossatronio @crankyplier

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blogs: 6 because you can never have to many backups!
name/nicknames: IM just gonna say my nickname which is Vivi!
gender: Female
star sign: Gemini
height: 5′1 Im taller than my mom it’s a family thing.
sexual orientation: Straight
hogwarts house: Hufflepuff
fave colour: Cloud Blue and Ultramarine
fave animal: DOLPHIN!  
fave fictional character: Matt form eddsworld!
how many blankets do you sleep with: 3 at all times even in summer!
fave singer/band: HellI don’t have one i love all music
dream trip: I want to go to new york and live there
when was this blog created: Few days ago tho
why did you create it: PSYCHOSQUAD!!!!!