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♥ Favorite Baekyeol 2k14 moments Part 1 ♥

This is the first part of the series of our favorite moments from 2014. Because as difficult as this year was, it also provided us with an abundance of Baekyeol moments. Especially during TLP! It was like one big Baekyeol fest, so a lot of our favourite moments come from the concerts themselves.

Some of them we will discuss below:

♥ The Hug. We haven’t been around to tell you guys how glorious this moment was for us, how precious, how important, sort of a milestone when it comes public display of affection between Baekhyun and Chanyeol.

We waited so long to see that. And mind you, it’s still not the full, prolonged hug we all have longed for, but small steps guys, small steps.

Rather, it was a quick, spur-of-the-moment hug, but it’s still something. We’re getting close! Maybe someday we will see them fully wrapping their arms around each other!

Bless Chanyeol, for he saw an opportunity, and he took it (atta boy!). There is no denying (judging by Baekhyun’s adorable, shy smile), that Baekhyun liked it. A lot. Chanyeol scored this one.

The touches. We’ve mentioned many times that Baekyeol are all about subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) glances and touches that speak of affection and intimacy, and it’s also their way of communicating without using words. Generally, it’s hard for Baekhyun and Chanyeol to keep their hands off each other. Their need for some physical contact is strong, and it’s not like we blame them. We are thrilled that we can witness it, because it’s beautiful and very telling. On the other hand, they also fool around this way. And they love to touch & grab each other out of the blue.

Here are some examples of Baekyeol being touchy-feely during TLP (seriously, bless these concerts):

✽ Just casual touching, but still giving off an intimate vibe.

External image

✽ Definitely one of our fav moments. Chanyeol delicately grabbing Baekhyun’s waist to secure him and make sure that Baekhyun wouldn’t fall. We adore protective Chanyeol, but we also think that we can all agree that Chanyeol definitely has a reason to keep on eye on Baek, who sometimes is clumsy as a newborn kitten (which is totally endearing, but we hope he won’t get seriously hurt one day…).

Btw, Baekhyun’s smile in the first gif is a thing of beauty ♡!

✽ Sneaky Chanyeol strikes again. Coincidentally or not, Chanyeol wrapped his arm around Baekhyun during  “dream girl”. 

External image

We are in love with this picture. Please excuse us while we die from feels. Chanyeol’s arm looks perfect right there, as if there is where it belongs.

✽ Chanyeol couldn’t handle Baekhyun’s adorableness. He just had to touch Baekhyun to calm himself down. How cute!

External image

✽ Okay Chanyeol, okay. We totally get it. Baekhyun’s lap was just there, and you just…. had to trip out of nowhere and land right there. On the perfect spot. Total coincidence. Lord help us.

✽ Chanyeol grabbing Baekhyun just because he can. What are you, twelve?

✽ It’s not only Chanyeol who couldn’t keep his hands to himself, because Byun Baekhyun loves grabbing Chanyeol as much as Chanyeol loves grabbing Baekhyun. This touchy duo will be our end.

“There, there, let me guide you”

✽ Some butt touching, i.e Baekhyun makes sure to keep Chanyeol safe. Feel that butt Baekhyun, feel it.

✽ Who can forget this moment? This was rather intimate and a good example of pda + skinship. For sure this will be included in our magazine of favorite baekyeol moments… EVER!

External image

♥  Baekhyun receiving a flower from Chanyeol. Only to toss it out to the fans later, but honestly… It would be difficult to keep it during performances, not to mention it would raise many eyebrows. But look at Baekhyun’s expression here. Chanyeol is able to keep a mask on, but Baekhyun is transparent as always as he smells the flower. He doesn’t look like someone who received a flower from just a friend. He doesn’t respond with playfulness either.

♥  Chanyeol taking care of Baekhyun’s hair adorned by spray bits

The funny thing is that Chanyeol himself did this to Baekhyun’s hair! Then, he fixes it himself! Isn’t that adorable? Dear Chanyeol, were you looking for excuses to touch Baekhyun’s hair?

From Chanyeol gentle touches…

… To Baekhyun’s adorable-beyond-words reaction. The moment Chanyeol came to him, Baekhyun just froze and let himself be taken care of. He totally reminds us of some cute, fluffy animal in the first gif. And look at small little smile in the second one!

♥ Chanbaek reaction to Chanbaek banner. There is no way we could ever forget about this.

The moment Chanyeol sees this particular Chanbaek banner…

…then proceeds to walk all the way to Baekhyun just to point at it, to show it to him!

And makes Baekhyun smile a lot once having seen it!! Look at Chanyeol’s light chuckle when he notices the banner! Adorable!

Just look at these babies. Considering their carefulness (especially on Baek’s side) when it comes to not only doing fanservice with each other, but showing any moments of shared intimacy in public, both Baekhyun and Chanyeol sure seem happy to see an evidence of their fans loving them together. Oh how we wish we knew what was that Chanyeol whispered to Baekhyun at this particular moment…

Baekyeol just being happy and silly together.

✽ This is one of the cutest things we have ever seen. Look at their faces. Look at the way they are laughing! Baekhyun looks adorable perched up on Chanyeol’s back, he looks even smaller than usual! And Chanyeol, well…. he just can’t.

✽ Look at these faces of joy and happiness. They’re having fun and laughing together, and that’s all we could ever ask for.

External image

✽ What are you guys even doing? What kind of dance is this? Being this cute should be illegal. Turn up, Baekyeol! Drop the bass! 

✽ This is so adorable. They’re like children! 

✽ Moments like these are simply precious. We have them goofing around as usual, minding their own business, when apparently something went wrong that caused them both to giggle together. Must… contain… feels…

✽ More random dances and more happiness. Seeing them like this makes us so happy!

✽ Of course we can’t forget about this one. Baekhyun making Chanyeol laugh so hard he fell on floor in spasms. A thing of beauty it was ♡.

And this is but a fraction of their many shared moments. Moments we love and want to cherish forever! We hope you enjoyed our little compilation of our favorite TLP Baekyeol moments! Watch out for more of our fave 2k14 Baekyeol moments real soon! 

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