fave artist tbh

physically having bangtan at the bbmas is already an amazing feat in itself but i really wish they were able to perform……… even if they win top social artist (which is VERY likely), there are still gonna be plenty of petty people who will continue to bash them and bring them down despite the fact that they have so many obvious records/achievements under their belt to support their hard-earned nomination. I feel like if people really got a chance to see them in their element, if they got a chance to witness the undeniable talent and stage presence that every member of bangtan has, maybe people would be a little less ignorant and recognize the fact that this award isn’t rigged, it’s well-deserved. please give them an opportunity to prove all these insensitive people wrong (and snatch everyones edges)

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i was tagged by @wonsolos!​ thank you!

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Hola Hola - Kard

As If It’s Your Last - Blackpink

No FUN - Seventeen

Sickness - Vernon

One More Night - Pentagon

Lion Heart - Girls’ Generation

Very Nice - Seventeen

Expect - Girl’s Day

Red Flavor - Red Velvet

Nightmare - B1A4

X…I don’t know any kpop songs starting with X, so…Mama by EXO? Up and Down by EXID? i love both songs so i’ll take any excuse i can to put them on this list tbh

Not Today - BTS

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he’s always sending red tulips,, 

( a continuation?? )

so like the dumbdumb I am and continue to be, I accidentally deleted an anon asking me who are my fave pjo artist. Tbh there are lots but of course I cant really think of any off the top of my head but I really love these ppl:

@staticcolour because I think their style is cool and I love the way they draw Hazel and Leo.

@nicoriku their style is adorable okay, like they are a true cinnamon roll when it comes to their art style. (also they like valdangelo so…)

@tamaytka also has a cute style and they have drawn lots of cute jasipereo art that you can most likely see me screaming over tbh

@nowhere-little-girl just an over all cute style!