fave artist tbh


he’s always sending red tulips,, 

( a continuation?? )

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i rly rly love ur art, everything u make is #goals to the max?? the lineart is sososo good and makes ur art stand out and the anatomy always Wows me and the colors are always outstanding and work together so well!! i LOVE how u always draw such diverse characters!! its actually helped me feel a lil better about my body ngl (the drawing of aradia in lingerie made me feel rly Good about myself ngl,,) ur one of my fave artists tbh. i may just be a Small anon in ur inbox but ilu and ur art A Lot,,

p uts my hands on ur face you are Important and this made me happy stim thank you so mu ch ;a;

Anonymous said: Is it okay for me to color in your lineart if I’m not an art blog you really know or is it only mutuals? And if it is would you rather me @ you or put you in the tags? I wanted to know just in case cuz I dunno how you’d feel about that and I’ve never colored others line art before so I dunno if there’s any unspoken rules I don’t know of. Idk I’m being paranoid sorry.

iii cant speak for anyone else but mine are free for anyone to colour as long as its not a commission or specifically for a collab :o 

that reminds me i should rly retrack my tag but do both because tumblr is ass and i still might miss it 

Anonymous said: on the topic of stretchmarks,, I recently got some on my tummy and they’re the biggest ones I have anywhere and the first on my tum and they immediately made me feel rlly Bad abt my body (esp when my brother thought they were scratches,,) but I also rlly relate to roxy and seeing one of my absolute favorite artists draw stretchmarks on someone I identify so closely with rlly helps me not feel so bad abt it

!!! thats good :D im glad i could help ;v;

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Height: 173 cm or 5′8 in feet xD

Star sign: Leo ( ROAR)

Time now: 5:23pm I’m exhausted!

Last thing googled: Cm to Feet and Inches xD 

Fave music artist: Tbh I don’t know ! I love a lot of things … But I’m pretty obsessed with Ed Sheeran rn. 

Song stuck in head: Galway Girl - Ed Sheeran

Last movie: Mulan xD With my Bf. We were too exhausted to see a really long movie xD

Last tv show: Touche pas à mon Poste ( French talk show)

What I’m wearing: A light blue jumper with jeans !

When I created this blog: October 2016

Stuff I post: Well it’s pretty obvious xD MY OTP : The old married couple of Europe -> FRUK. With a lot of Face Family , Aph France and Aph England xD
Oh and some Black Butler. Because why not.  

Do I get asks regularly: Not at all xD I’m not an ask blog, just a discreet little reblog one ;)

Why the Url: Because the “Fleur-de-Lys” is a symbol of the ancient French monarchy. And I replace the word Fleur by Fruk. Because it sounds pretty good to my ears xD 

Gender:  I’m a woman ;)

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw . Each time I’m doing a test, I’m getting this one xD

Pokemon team: I don’t play Pokemon Go anymore… But when I was playing , I was in Team Mystic !

Favorite Color: Purple!

Average hours of sleep: 6 during the week ( 3 if exams ), 8-9 during the week-end xD

Lucky #: 4 ( I don’t know why but I love this numer)

Fav character: In Hetalia : I’m hesitating between France and England to be honest. They’re so dorky. 

Dream job: I dreamed a dream where I was a famous singer xD But it’s only a dream so I hope I’ll succeed at my exams and become a Head educational advisor.

# of blankets: One blanket.

Following: A lot of Hetalia blogs ! Ask blogs, art blogs,… As long as it’s funny ;) And well I must admit that a majority of them post a lot of Fruk ;)

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🦋 !

🦋- Tag three people you want to get to know better and state why!

fuckin uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

1. @chubbydorian bc i always see them on my dash and they seem hella cool iM JUST AWKWARD N BAD AT TALKING TO PEOPLE i will probably like all of ur posts and just be like “Yeah That’s Good Enough”

2. @pizazara they have wonderful ocs and they’ve been incredibly nice all of the times i talk to them and they’re one of my fave da artists tbh…,,,, i just forget to talk to people that im not incredibly close with? i have a horrible memory and get distracted easily i think anyone who has talked to me at least once knows this because ill respond either instantly or in 1 hour there’s nothing in between

3. @alistairsboyfriend whoumst’ve is always in my discord but i dont know that much about them ngl (along with most of the people in my discord Who I Value Dearly And Consider Them Good Mutuals) 

there’s WAY more people that could be added to this list (including you nell) but that would take up way too much space but basically? if anyone on here who has been following me and i followed back and we dont talk but maybe have replied to each others posts like a few times or liked them? there’s a fair chance i want to know you im just bad at interacting with people i dont really know

so like the dumbdumb I am and continue to be, I accidentally deleted an anon asking me who are my fave pjo artist. Tbh there are lots but of course I cant really think of any off the top of my head but I really love these ppl:

@staticcolour because I think their style is cool and I love the way they draw Hazel and Leo.

@nicoriku their style is adorable okay, like they are a true cinnamon roll when it comes to their art style. (also they like valdangelo so…)

@tamaytka also has a cute style and they have drawn lots of cute jasipereo art that you can most likely see me screaming over tbh

@nowhere-little-girl just an over all cute style!

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BRUHHHHH, OK first off , your art on Just EVERYTHING is so gooooooooood , second is I love your Dirkjake, your honestly the reason I got into homestuck THANK YOU!!!!! Also what country are you in? America or Europe? Thanks!!!

Anon:I just wanna say you’re such an amaaaaaazing artist and I love your art so much and all the dirkjakes aasgdhksf and me and my friend love your art so much, you’re our fave artist tbh aah

thank you very much! <3

and Europe :^) (Italy)

Anon:I absolutely a-fuckin-dore your Karezi, pleeeease more..!

Anon:i’m not sure how else to say this but I really like how you draw face shapes

hey thank you 8’)