fave artist tbh


he’s always sending red tulips,, 

( a continuation?? )

I was tagged by @wanderingsofalice who is!!! an angel!!! thank u!!!!

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Nickname: For my friends it’s Carols and has been since like 9th grade, but my family calls me Miss. I couldn’t explain it if I tried lol I don’t get it either

Star sign: Libra

Height: 5′1″, am smol

Time right now: 8:28pm

Last thing you googled: “mr meeseeks”

Fave music artist: Tbh I listen to so much music but overall I really like Billie Marten, Dance Gavin Dance, and Milo Greene.

Song stuck in my head: Flow by Uppermost

Last movie I watched: Dude idk lol I think it was Civil War?

Last TV show I watched: The Walking Dead

What I’m wearing right now: Punisher sweatpants and my “Okay but Sebastian Stan though” t-shirt lol

When I created this blog: May 2015, coming up on that two year anniversary ayyyy

The kind of stuff I post: trash writing, gorgeous people, memes, y’know just the essentials.

Do I do asks regularly: Idk what this means like… do I answer them?? do I send them?? is this thing an ask?? u can’t be vague with me bc things go right over my tiny head

Why did i choose my URL: I write about Marvel lol that’s pretty much it. My personal I chose because I love Jake Park, it’s probably my fav URL I’ve ever had lmao

Gender: Am Lady™

Hogwarts house: I don’t know and I don’t really care tbh? I never got into the whole Harry Potter fandom thing. Love the movies but I can’t handle That Shit

Pokemon team: I chose Instinct when I played Pokemon Go but I deleted the app and haven’t played any of the actual games sooooo ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Favorite color: I’m weird bc my favorite colors are combinations of colors, which are gray and white, and blue and white :-)

Favorite characters: Do I rly need to say it lol just scroll through my blog u’ll see I promise

Dream job: I have so many omg. I’ve been so back and forth. Right now I’m trying to get into SFX Makeup and I’m also looking into Computerized Effects/CGI, but I’d also love to be a Game Developer, an Interior Designer, school counselor, English professor…. I am Too Much

Number of blankets: Two in the winter and one in the summer

Followers: 3,321….. still blows my mind tbh

I typically don’t tag people in these things but because I’m love them I’m tagging @bodhi-imperial @assian-candor @barricadebakesale @cbbelle @theimperialpilot @blog-of-a-multitude-of-fandoms @whoaheather and @boodhirooks if y’all are down 😘


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◤— TAGGED BY.  @lonesome-eagle

○ NICKNAME. Magnus, Mags, Maggie, Desti, tbh a lot
○ SIGN. Leo
○ HEIGHT. 5′1
○ FAVE MUSIC ARTISTS. Tbh too many to list. I’m like…addicted to Porter Robinson lately though
○ WHAT KIND OF STUFF YOU POST. a wide range of stuff
○ WHY DID YOU CHOOSE YOUR URL? Because it  was on Roddy’s “character poster” from the first issue of MTMTE. It also matched up with my Rung URL which was “wantstoberemembered”
○ GENDER. Demiboy
○ HOGWARTS HOUSE. Hufflepuff I think?
○ POKEMON TEAM. Eeveelutions team tbqh
○ MUN FACECLAIM. Winter Soldier, Warden from Superjail, Rodimus sometimes, and Smokescreen from TFP sometimes
○ NUMBER OF BLANKETS YOU SLEEP WITH. Depends how cold it is. But I sleep with a lot of blankets around me
○ DREAM JOB. I used to want to be a psychologist, but now I think I wanna do web & graphic design and computer IT work

— · // BONUS.

                 PINEAPPLE ON PIZZA? the spawn of satan tbh it’s disgusting

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so like the dumbdumb I am and continue to be, I accidentally deleted an anon asking me who are my fave pjo artist. Tbh there are lots but of course I cant really think of any off the top of my head but I really love these ppl:

@staticcolour because I think their style is cool and I love the way they draw Hazel and Leo.

@nicoriku their style is adorable okay, like they are a true cinnamon roll when it comes to their art style. (also they like valdangelo so…)

@tamaytka also has a cute style and they have drawn lots of cute jasipereo art that you can most likely see me screaming over tbh

@nowhere-little-girl just an over all cute style!