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I'm wondering if whichever admins answers this (or all three of you!) can list off your absolute favorite fic for each one of the ships? (Like... all of them 😋) also, Admin Talia, I love your writing!! ❤️

Since that is not possible seeing as I have never been able to pick a favourite something, like, ever. Instead is it okay if I list off the first fic that comes to mind when I think of that ship? So like the first ever thing I think of!

  1. YoonJin: Inc. by minverse [E, 43k]
  2. 2seok:  The Pursuit of Happiness by lucitae[T, 6.9k]
  3. Namjin: no more sad songs by mochi (ttthisismo) [T, 11k]
  4. Jinmin:  Galaxy S♡ by mindheist [T, 21k]
  5. Taejin: Artificial Flower by ghuns [M, 17k]
  6. Jinkook: To Be Happy by missgarnetn [T, 8.6k]
  7. Yoonseok:  All my days (I’ll know your face) by inkingbrushes [E, 45k]
  8. Namgi: six to nine (we’ll play the game) by gunhee [E, 22k]
  9. Yoonmin:  Out of My System by xxdevilishxx [M, 101k]
  10. Taegi:  The Less I Know The Better by mucha [E, 40k]
  11. Yoonkook: I Want You To Be My Night by TheOrgasmicSeke [M, 32k]
  12. Namseok:  to the truth that you’re denying by sunsmiles [T, 21k]
  13. Jihope:  Carry On Without Me by MotionlessMuse [T, 9.4k]
  14. Vhope:  Really, Baby (I Will Be Just Fine) by lethallergic [E, 13k]
  15. Junghope:  all because of you by xxdevilishxx [T, 7.4k]
  16. Minjoon:  when you say jump, i say how high daddy? by voseok [E, 32k]
  17. Vmon:  Hurt Locker by MmeIrene [M, 42k]
  18. Namkook:  Golden Boy by GinForInk [E, 85k]
  19. Vmin:  for you, anything. by kadotas [T, 25k]
  20. Jikook:  Him by PinkBTS [M, 35k]
  21. Taekook:  cuz in a sky full of stars (i think i saw you) by wowoashley (orphan_account) [E, 64k]

I feel like I’m betraying every other fic I’ve read by saying these are my “faves” even though I did say they aren’t. Lol. Since it’ll be quite long otherwise I’ll just tell Admin Talia & Ange to, if they want to, make a separate post about their faves!

-Admin Nana

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dude i had a dream u doxxed me for reasons unknown and found my school and told them to remove me from all my classes and i got an email that was like sorry. klanced got u! i woke up in a cold sweat tbh

your dream was a prophecy