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prompt: Sasuke reflects while he bleeds out.

note: happy birthday to unhappyfairytale, who requested a birthday prompt! sadly i dont have an idea for a birthday prompt today but i thought id give you a shoutout anyway. ive done a prompt similar to this (will link here) but honestly the scene where sasuke says he cant die here MADE ME CRY BUCKETS. i just wanted to insert it here. also my birthday is on SUNDAY!! my sister says im old as hell for turning seventeen. oh well

Sasuke wheezed. His vision was blurring and he could barely feel the extremities of his body anymore. If he tried to move his pinky, it probably wouldn’t work. His mind dimmed—he couldn’t even focus on that one thought. His hand shook as he tried to push himself forward.

He briefly heard Tobirama yelling in the background, even though the dead guy was in worse condition than he was. Sasuke winced when pain coursed through his body. He deflated, flattening himself against the hard ground. This was the end.

All that he spent his life for—restoring his clan’s glory, fighting for Itachi—it was going to disappear into thin air. Everything he’d worked for, everything that he’d sacrificed. His village, his friends…

Pain shot through his torso again and tears gathered in his eyes. He would be letting down his parents, especially his father again. He thought of his mom’s serene smile and his heart warmed. He thought about Itachi. He hoped Itachi would understand. Sasuke let out a frustrated cry that came out mangled. There was nothing to understand. He had failed.

Even with devastating sacrifices, he still failed. He left the Leaf village, the very same village that raised him. The one who desecrated his family. The one where he met Naruto, Kakashi and Sakura. He thought about the lengths that Naruto went to bring him back—the fight to the death, the incessant searches, his heart reaching out to him. He thought of Kakashi and he saw himself, reflected in his eyes.

Sasuke thought of Sakura then; the pain that gathered in her eyes that night, the tear tracks he left on her face and the phantom scar he didn’t mean to leave around her neck. When he thought of Sakura, he thought of a future. A bright future where he could be happy, where he could be loved and have a family of his own. He didn’t think of a dark uncertainty. Sakura was the future he had hoped for.

Now it was gone. He could feel the life leaking out of him as more and more blood pooled around him. He couldn’t make out where it ended anymore. The life he could’ve had with Naruto, with Kakashi, and more importantly with Sakura, slipped away in front of his eyes. He cried, because he had thrown away everything for nothing.


He heard someone screeching, as high as they could. The sound of footsteps approached him. Her voice, the screech, it was almost unrecognizable. There was so much crying, so many cracks in her voice. He recognized it anyway.

Sasuke forced open his eyes and all he could see was pink.


favorite deities 6/? → hathor; egyptian goddess of the sky, dance, love, beauty, joy, motherhood, foreign lands, mining, music and fertility

hathor, along with the goddess nut, was associated with the milky way during the third millennium b.c. when, during the fall and spring equinoxes, it aligned over and touched the earth where the sun rose and fell


favorite deities 2/? → cupid; roman god of desire, erotic love, attraction, and affection

cupid carries two kinds of arrows, one with a sharp golden point, and the other with a blunt tip of lead. a person wounded by the golden arrow is filled with uncontrollable desire, but the one struck by the lead feels aversion and desires only to flee.

for @mythologicalnet‘s creation event: love deities


favorite deities 3/? → izanami-no-mikoto; japanese goddess of creation and death

“they bore six more islands and many deities. izanami died giving birth to the child kagu-tsuchi. she was then buried on mt. hiba, at the border of the old provinces of izumoand hōki. so angry was izanagi at the death of his wife that he killed the newborn child, thereby creating dozens of deities.”