• Phichit (barges into Leo's room while he's sleeping): Leo! Yuuri and Victor are dating!
  • Leo: Good morning, Phichit.
  • Phichit: Yuuri! And! Victor! Are! Dating!
  • Leo: Yeah, they are.
  • Phichit: Woo hoo! *Leaves*
  • Guang-Hong (pokes head out from under the covers): Do you think he knew I was here?
It Jins birthday so I decided to make him a cake. Of course I burnt it in the only time I had to make it, so I asked Yoongi to call up and get a cake saying ‘to Jin Hyung from Namjoon’. The day came and the cake deliverer turned up, looking at me like a was a weirdo. I didn’t think much of it, only realising why when I opened the box in front of Jin, revealing a cake saying: “Happy 24th birthday Princess Jinnie, from Big Daddy Joon”.
—  Confession, Dancemonster of BTS