fava love

International Cats Day won’t be complete without our black beauty Fava Bean, who has been with us since May 2014.

“Fava Bean is one of the most affectionate girls in Meow Manor and will come forward to greet visitors. Once petting starts, she will melt and ask for more attention.   She came in as a kitten with 4 siblings, and they were all named as a type of “Bean”.  She has grown up to be a gracious and beautiful 2 year old young lady.  Fava Bean loves hanging out in boxes, especially when they are girly pink or lined with pink edged blankets. She knows how to make herself comfortable.  Her play style is attack and capture anything that moves. She will chase the laser dot, flying feathers, and anything marinated in catnip! She gets along well with her roommates so will do well in an multi-cat household, or will be content as an only companion.  Since all the other little Bean kittens have been adopted, there is a rumor that Fava Bean is waiting for her purrever family to come in and adopt her, and give her a new name for a new life.”- @denise.garrison.560