fava bean shoots


Harvesting My Fava Beans and Greens

Fava beans (aka broad beans) should be in your top 5 of foods/seeds to  keep around for emergency scenarios. Here’s why this legume is a badass:

  • Nitrogen fixer: Fertilizes the soil as it grows. In fact, fava beans have some of the highest rates of nitrogen fixing of any cover crop.
  • Multiple edible parts: Other than the beans, yes, the leaves are edible.  You can eat it raw, but I prefer a quick stir fry with garlic. It got a meaty texture like spinach without the ironiness. As for the beans, some people even pick the super young and tender pods to eat them whole.
  • Health benefits: High in fiber, diverse in minerals, low in sodium, high in carbs…which in my case is GOOD!!! I need that energy for my active lifestyle, but fava beans don’t weigh you down like a potato.
  • Cooking versatility: Fried it, stew it, mash it, grill it, ferment it. Eat it raw. Good sub for some potato dishes.
  • Long Term Storage: Fava beans dry very well and be easily stored for winter and long term usage.


In closing, fava beans are delicious and I will fight you if you disagree! Unless you have a genetic sensitivity to fava beans, in which case I feel bad for you…