So after one of his early missions, Alex somehow makes sure that an envelope makes it to Alan Blunt’s desk. When Blunt opens it, he finds an evaluation sheet inside with some of the following comments:

- unsubtle funeral crashers and dog walkers, you should work on learning to look like real people who have normal lives

- negative points for asking teenage boy to take on job that killed his (properly trained) uncle

- even more negative points for blackmailing. really, shame on you, no wonder people believe all of those governmental conspiracy theories

- sending me to the SAS for a week is not proper training

- also great job not coming when I sent out my SOS

- you actually take horrible care of your agents don’t you?

- Herod Sayle was a disgusting man and now I am scarred for life. you owe me for a month’s worth of body wash products

- all in all, nice job living up to your name, Blunt.

- … you do have nice gadgets. please give my compliments to Mr. Smithers

- 1/10 would not re-use or recommend this bank to anyone

headcanon that Alex had never seen an episode of Tom and Jerry until he met Tom Harris, who tried explaining his parents’ insane naming habits in reference to the cartoon only for Alex to stare blankly at him. When he realized Alex didn’t know what he was talking about, he invited him over (ie dragged him to his house as soon as school was out) and popped in one of his many tapes to show him the glory that he and his brother were named after (and keep getting as gag gifts for Christmas).

From then on, Tom becomes Alex’s guide to any pop culture things that he’s missed out on in his spy-in-training life with Ian.