fav. char

u know what i love about clarke though.. she’s a ~strong kickass heroine~ in a way that i don’t usually see. she doesn’t have to break boards with her fist, or be able to build something out of a pile of scraps, or make hilarious jokes ever 5 seconds  to be an interesting and lovable female character. and I’m NOT knocking those types of female characters AT ALL (because lordy knows i love those!), but I hardly see characters like clarke griffin. 

she’s a good female character because she is a complex person. because she’s uptight but likes to have a little fun now and then. because she makes difficult choices and cries about them later. because she is good at getting what she wants, but can also be swayed herself. because she’s a quick thinker but doesn’t have all the solutions. because she’s analytical and logical but also loves people so deeply that it tears her apart. because she’s ultimately a good person who sometimes makes bad choices. she’s been through a lot and yet still somehow finds it in herself to smile at a dumb joke and even make one herself now and then.

clarke griffin is a female character who is not a super genius person, or a super physically kickass person, or a super sassy person. but she is still powerful in a quiet, understated way that usually only male characters are allowed to be. i love That

i’ve always wanted to do a study of seventypercentethanol’s work. The way they block in color and light “effortlessly” is something i really admire. Lately i’ve been feelin down about my own stuff, so I thought i’d give a study a try. I learned a lot in trying (like how great the overlay function is, and also to keep it simple stupid) and it was nice to use super bright colors for once.


Artemis and Apollo are by far my fav gods, and also my fav chars after nico, reyna, and hazel. such darlings………

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