marinette + ladybug’s hair ribbons = cutest animation error of all time

Amethyst’s biggest character trait, for me, is that she feels left out and unneeded. that’s… so relatable. how many times have you been to a place where you felt your presence didn’t matter? how many times were you the last person to know about everything? how many times you were forgotten, EVEN AMONG THOSE YOU CONSIDER FRIENDS??? it hurts, sometimes worse than not having ‘friends’ at all….

I’m not saying the crystal gems don’t love and appreciate amethyst, but you can clearly see she feels that way. she’s the odd one out, and when steven joined she finally felt like a part of the group because there was someone newer, weaker and even more clueless then her. steven wasn’t in the war, didnt know rose quartz, wasn’t a full gem… and was the youngest of them all (by far), and amethyst felt like she finally grew out of that place, that stage, of her ‘outsider’ label.

and then steven turned out to be stronger, more IMPORTANT, than amethyst ever will be (in her mind). and she’s back where she started. only now, the newbie, the one that she thought she has an advantage on, is in a better place in the group than her, and it stings. she’s jealous, and hurt, she feels worthless. and she blames herself, of course. cause if steven managed to blend in so well, in such short time, why can’t she?

i had a few similiar experiences in real life, and ive never seen it addressed in media before. this is amazing to me. because most shows would say ‘have friends, you won’t be lonely!’ without realizing that feeling lonely when youre surrounded by friends is way way worse.