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dude ur sims are ON POINT. ever thought about creating lily collins or phoebe tonkin? my two fav female celebs. now that i think about it, you HAVE to do phoebe! jk just an idea, stay awesome! less than three

Thank you! Lily Collins is already on my queue so expect her tomorrow. I’ll add phoebe to the list!


I was tagged by the lovely bandathebillie :)

Post pics of your top ten fav celebrities! (Somehow this turned into fav actors but…yeah, still works right?) 

1. Jennifer Lawrence
2. Dylan O'Brien
3. Brie Larson
4. Miles Teller
5. Samira Wiley
6. Evan Peters
7. Jessica Lange
8. James McAvoy
9. Shelley Hennig
10. Ben McKenzie

Aw, this tag is great :) thanks Martyna! Tagging pachipachikojoshs-left-earlobe, a-merry-gathering and solesofwind, (if you want to, of course!)