Like, just the fact that some so-called “allies” can point at a vile, horrible trans person and say someone is unworthy of proper pronouns is a blatantly clear sign that cissexism and transphobia are deeply ingrained into them, because cis people aren’t stripped of their validity and their gender when people are angry at them. They aren’t violently assigned another gender on instinct when they do/say something horrendous. Called a terrible member of their gender, maybe have a bunch of negative adjectives or slurs tossed at them, but never inherently have their personhood so violently denied and overwritten like trans people always do when it’s our turn on the stocks.

Anyone who is willing to reject the validity of one trans person because they’re terrible, is someone who never saw trans people as inherently valid as cis people to begin with. Our validity, our authenticity, is not conditional. It is not something we earn, or something that can be revoked. A hypothetical trans woman neonazi would be no less female than your fav cis woman celeb. 

If you hate a trans person, express that hate in ways that target why they’re terrible people. When you treat our validity as conditional, all you show is that you hate trans people just as much as those who want to eliminate us from existence, since you clearly don’t think we’re real enough to have our existence respected as truth.

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My nickname: Mimi (yes, really) 

Eye color:  Blue

Hair color:  Red

One fact:  I’ve had 4 last names, but I’ve only been married once (figure that one out).

Fav color:  Any shade of blue

Fav place:  The ranch my in-laws live on. It’s beautiful and secluded and I love it.

Fav celeb:  Jensen Ackles

Fav animal:  Dogs

Fav song: I don’t have a favorite song, really. It changes so frequently that I can’t say for absolute sure “Such and such is my favorite song.” My favorite artist is Billy Joel.

Fav book:  If we go based on the book I’ve read the most, well…I’m not going to say. I get made fun of too much for it. 

I’m tagging everyone! Mostly because I’m too tired to think, so I’m being lazy.

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My nickname: Maggie!

Eye color: blue.

Hair color: Brown, but kinda golden in certain light.

One fact: I lived in a convent for a year (not as a nun-to-be tough, they rented out rooms to students).

Fav color: sometimes blue, sometimes green and sometimes pink. 

Fav place: that tiny gap between the bed and the wall in my teenage bedroom. It was slight enough so that I could roll over it and then be kinda off the mattress yet not fall to the floor. Did that make any sense at all?

Fav celeb: JDM, du-uh…

Fav animal: My cat in law.

Fav song: This is the hardest question in the world. Right now I’m in love with the feel of Far From Any Road by The Handsome Family (you know, the theme song from season one of True Detective).

Fav book: not fair… Maybe Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides… Or Kafka by the Shore by Murakami… Or Victoria by Knut Hamsun… And a million more…

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Amy: “We threw a party after the Golden Globes and I got there early and the first guest to show up was Joaquin Phoenix.”
Seth: “Which is a great first guest.”
Amy: “A great, great, weird first guest, and he was so lovely and funny…”



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