Im changing this blog up a little! Its no longer kin-focused! Ill still be taking kin requests, but I will now also take other requests - themed around your fav animal, celeb, color, animal, band, or anything else you can think of! Ill also do requests that are just for you & your interests!

tags and pages have been updated to reflect the change ☺️ im also doing a new caption format

The signs w their celeb crush/fav character

(Also check moon/venus)

Aries: *flys 3000000 miles just to see them*

Taurus: *draws them 24/7 and watches every interview ever and learns every single thing about them*

Gemini: *writes erotica about them*

Cancer: *sobs when something bad happens to them* WHO FUCKIN W MY BABIES

Leo: *covers their entire house w posters of them* art

Virgo: “can I see your phone” yea one sec *deletes 1000000 pictures of them*

Libra: *is basically the biggest groupie*

Scorpio: I love them so much it hurts to look at them look at that smile what the fuck who do they think they even are if uckin wanna punch them so hard right in their pretty little fa-

Sagittarius: *faints when they see them in person*

Capricorn: there’s the love of my life no one else matters no one

Aquarius: *looks at them* … *moans loudly*

Pisces: what do you mean we aren’t going to have 23 kids 2 cats a unicorn and live in a mansion