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thanks for this blog, people keep using some of my favorite characters that showed up on here as soldiers for their aphobia and it's bugging me a lot because they mean a lot to me. you're doing the lord's work my friends, keep it up x

okay. this ask make me so happy than it turn my english off. I’m gonna try to answer any way.

Thank you. mod Kobra made this blog exactly so we stop seeing our favourites character being headcannoned as acephobe. and you telling us it works… that kind of the best thing I read today.  I’m so happy I can do that for you.

If any of your fav didn’t appear here yet, don’t hesitate to send them to us, even through anon. We gonna keep posting every day and every character existing we’ll end up on this blog. you can count on us !

thank you again.

- mod vivyan