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music tag 🎶

“you can tell a lot about someone from the kind of music they listen to. put your music device on shuffle and post the first ten songs without skipping. then tag ten people”
i was tagged by chocoltaechipkookies ^^ thank you for tagging me in all these things it makes me feel loved
1. O.M.G - Got7
2. Dope - BTS
3. Tomorrow - BTS
4. Call Me Baby - EXO
5. No More Dream - BTS
6. I Don’t Need A Man - Miss A
7. Rain - BTS
8. Second Grade - BTS
9. I’m A Loner - CN Blue
10. Boyz With Fun - BTS

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and anyone else who feels like doing this tag because they want to share their beautiful music with everyone ^^

swearbyzukoshonour asked:

Scenario of the boys being excited for the final episode of their fav tv show to appear?\(^-^)'/ Und bae,dein Blog ist echt nice,gudde arbeit!☆♡


Shu: This was actually the first time you saw him being excited for something..well..kind of excited, as excited as Shu was able to get. “Parks and Recreation Sherlock is interesting and now be quiet, I waited for this episode far too long.”

Reiji: He never watched television, but if he did it was The Mentalist, and today the final episode would air. “Please don’t disturb me, I need to concentrate here.”

Laito:  Bitch-chan, this show is actually quiet good, I really waited long to see the final episode~”, he says cheerfully. “If you want to we can watch Gossip Girl together~” (I’M SORRY I HAD TO)

Kanato: My little Pony Kanato wasn’t interested in watching television, even hated it, but Once upon a time was his show and he would never miss an episode. “___-chan, we need to watch the episode! NOW!”

Ayato: Actually Ayato watched quiet a lot of tv shows, but Breaking Bad was his favorite so far. “Oi, Chichinashi!! We need to see the episode today, got it?”, he demanded, having a big grin on his lips.

Subaru: Subaru didn’t seem to care for human things, such as tv shows, but if there was an exception, it was Orange Is The New Black. “W-wanna watch it together with me?”, he asked you blushing. (Ofc you would)

Ruki: You never would’ve thought that Ruki would like tv shows, but Hannibal really seemed to cast a spell over him. “I don’t want to be disturbed today, I really need to watch this.”

Kou: “Neko-chan, today we need to watch the final episode of Glee, got it~”, he asked you. As you nodded he couldn’t stand still out of excitement. He was really into this. 

Yuma: The Walking Dead was the ideal show for Yuma. Violence, Drama and with a lot of charme. “Dammit Sow, I gotta see the final episode today!!” He couldn’t even focuss on gardening, he was too excited. 

Azusa: You were a bit surprised at first, but soon understood why Azusa was in love with American Horror Story. He seemed quiet, but actually enjoyed scary and dark things like these. “Please…we…need to…watch it…together..”

I finished Bardo’s route yesterday btw ^^ it was cute but I didn’t have much dokis xp **not otp feels for this one tehe**

Now I’m in the middle of Rai’s route~

p-aurisan asked:

So yeah, how are you doing? :)

I am ok :3…. dammit!!! THIS LIFE IS SUFFERIIIIIING!!! ART BLOCK EVERYWHERE, REBELLIOUS BRAIN!!…. yeah, mostly i am ok besides me being dramatic xD and reading Bleach and seeing my fav character appearing in the cover of the shonen jump again after what seemed years… OMG BUT OH WHY BRAINS I NEED TO MAKE THOSE REQUESTS! GO AND MAKE YOURSELF USEFUL YOU DUMB BRAIN THING!…*sobs*… eeer, well, a bit frustrated but I have a shiny new phone so I am happy ^.^… AAAAAH!!

10 fav characters

The lovely potato freakxwannaxbe tagged me óvó/

Rules are to list 10 favourite characters (one per series/fandom) and to tag 10 people

1. Kagura (Gintama)

2. Joseph Joestar (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure)

3. Ayumi Shinozaki  (Corpse Party)

4. Ava Ire (Ava’s Demon)

5. Almond (Cucumber Quest)

6. Makoto Kino/Sailor Jupiter ( 90s Sailor Moon, tho I also reflect myself with Usagi nowadays)

7. Sayaka Kyouho (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

8. Fuuko Ibuki (Clannad)

9. Usopp/Brook ( One Piece, Usopp used to be my fav++ b4 Brook appeared)

10. Garry (Ib)

It’s late and I coudn’t remember any other fandoms/animes that I still enjoy lol (not to mention I wanted to post Doremi and Card Captor Sakura but I don’t remember the names of the cast anymore lol maybe I should do 10 fav animes that i can at least count on my fingers)

tagging rubberheart thecandlecutie   and anyone who’s up for it ovo/