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Anime/Manga Ask Meme

ღ Top 3 most fav & least fav anime/manga?
❤️ Fav Anime movie? Fav OVA?
❧ Fav anime/manga character(s)? Least fav?
웃 Fav anime animal? anime child? old person?
 💕 Most fav/least fav anime ships?
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ   Fav anime from each genre: Horror/Romance/Action/Sci Fi/Comedy/ Psychological/Drama/Mystery/Slice of Life/Sport/Mecha/Idol/Historical/Ecchi/ Harem/Dating Sim/Shojo/Shounen/Supernatural/Fantasy? 
☝ Anime you grew up watching/fav childhood anime? What age did you start watching anime? Which one was the first?
💘 First anime crush? Biggest anime crush?
♬ Fav OSTs? OPs? EDs? Character Songs?
🎼 Music: What would your fav character sing in karaoke? Dance to at a club? Jam out to in private?
✌✌  Anime/Manga characters you want to cosplay?
☺ You get to have a harem of 7 anime characters of your choice, who would they be?
☻ If you could make a game for an anime/manga of your choice, which would it be & why?
🌟 If you could make an anime game show, who would be the cast and what type of game(s) would they play? Or what type of game show?
♛ If u can make a spin off or sequel of any anime, which one would it be?
✖ One anime conclusion you would change & why?
👊   Lets promote (include usernames or urls if possible): Top fav fanartists? Fanfics? AMVs? Fan songs? Anything else fanmade?
⌨ If you have an account on myanimelist.net, would/can u share your lists with us?
♉ What are some of your headcanons/unpopular opinions/theories on your fav anime/manga? 
💍 Who would be your significant other? Soul mate? Best friend?
 Anime/manga you wish were more popular? Recommendations?
☯ Who are you the most similar to? Least similar to?
♒ Funniest anime? Heartbreaking anime (did it make you cry?)?
‡ In your opinion, what makes a good anime?
ϟ   Top anime/manga that impacted your life the most?
💀  Anime you regret watching and/or dropped? Why?
☈ Is there anything that makes you avoid an anime? Fanbase? Popularity? Too many eps? Art style? Any other reason?
✏  What’s an anime/manga that had a mediocre art style but amazing characters & story?
♋  Anime/manga u didn’t expect to like but did? Vice versa?
💪  Thoughts on live action adaptations?
╰☆╮ Anime you’re currently watching? Manga you’re currently reading?