Favorite Male Characters: #1 Chandler Muriel Bing (Friends)

But you did like us. And you should. My wife’s an incredible woman. She is loving, and devoted and caring. And don’t tell her I said this, but the woman’s always right. I love my wife more than anything in this world. And it It kills me that I can’t give her a baby. I really want a kid. And when that day finally comes, I’ll learn how to be a good dad. But my wife she’s already there. She’s a mother without a baby.


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mood: jamie and mako are in the kitchen, mako is filming and jamie is attempting to make grilled cheese. jamie flips the sandwich, and it flings onto the floor. because of the copious amounts of butter jamie put in the pan, the pan bursts into flame. jamie starts screeching and mako sighs and gets the fire extinguisher. amelie opens the door and sees the kitchen on fire, mako gone, jamie trying to put out the fire with a towel. "same shit as always" she says, and walks out the door.