Donghyuck: hey babe, are you an avocado because you’re the right kind of fat and probably very disgusting on the inside

Mark: it’s 2am, let me sleep


Really Bitch? What kind of back-handed compliments? Me having the confidence in myself to only date men that are on or above my level is petty? Like it’s obvious that you’re feeling me but you want to manipulate me into accepting less than I deserve. I’m not bringing myself down a knotch so I can be on the same level as the women you date that think going to happy hour and buying flowers every 6 months is the key to their time and pussy. Don’t come for me, he’s lucky I didn’t drag him. Now what’s petty is that I made sure he read the message before I smoothly hit that block button.


Lmao sorry for the lines. Prompt from here: http://otpprompts.tumblr.com

Bonus after Lance’s distraction:

Old Married Spirk is literally the most clean, pure and beautiful thing that ever existed. Spock and Jim are all old and happy and lazy and live peacefully in their flat in rainy San Fransisco where they drink tea and read books in bed and play chess together and snuggle like mourning doves and whisper sweet good mornings and good nights and go out to Italian restaurants and operas every week it’s just so perfect I love OMS they love and need each other so much and retirement is so wonderful for them because they’re finally settled down and can each simply enjoy life together with their soulmate wow I love OMS oh my god