fav video and song


BTS Talk About Famous People, Fav Apps, Karaoke Songs, & America. Part 1

things that make me happy
  • concerts
  • music
  • concert tickets
  • waiting for concerts
  • the moment before the band comes onto the stage
  • fans singing with the band together
  • making eye contact with the artist
  • small concerts
  • small concert venues
  • when the artist holds a speech before a song
  • taking pictures or recording videos of your fav songs
  • making new friends while waiting
  • literally screaming together
  • when something goes wrong, so the artist has to improvise
  • when the light changes
  • when the singer changes the stage
  • crying when your fav song comes
  • the feeling after a concert
  • feeling so light and happy

lindsxlee: he’s havin’ your baby!!! fav song fav night fav person, i’ll love ya forever 🥝

Do you ever just listen to your fav groups song or watching a video of them performing and you just smile and soon after start crying and you’re just crying because you are sad that you may never meet them or see them in person, but happy that they are in your life and realizing how much you actually love them? Yup that’s me -AdminKookie


JinJin & Rocky - 땡땡땡


i was gonna keep this to myself but I’m in a good mood so enjoy this effing masterpiece. ilu jungbaeri 

anonymous asked:

The way u draw people reminds me of The Iron Giant which is in fact one of my fav movies. I love ur style <3

That’s such a nice thing to say, thank you! <3
If only I was able to draw hands as deliciously as they do in that movie because they’re so tastyyyyy