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Phone Tag
Modern Baseball
Phone Tag

Modern Baseball - Phone Tag

Some days I hear it ring
Most days I stay in bed
Maybe I’ll see you when I get home
And we’ll avoid all the things we’ve said

Side.G (Growth)

ALIVE その1 Side.G (Growth)

衛藤昂輝/Etou Kouki (CV. 土岐隼一/Toki Shunichi)
八重樫剣介/Yaegashi Kensuke (CV. 山谷祥生/Yamaya Yoshitaka)
桜庭涼太/Sakuraba Ryouta (CV. 山下大輝/Yamashita Daiki)
藤村衛/Fujimura Mamoru (CV. 寺島惇太/Terashima Junta)


01 - ドラマ「挑戦者」
02 - ラダ・キアナ
03 - My Gloria
04 - 自由の鳥
05 - ドラマ「さぁ、音楽をはじめよう!」

konekat  asked:

Ok I just have to say that I, too, have been attempting to learn Despacito in its entirety (the beautiful original version, not the low fat Bieber version that all of the radio stations insist on playing) AND I AM SOOOO CLOSE. Just have one tiny bit of DY's verse in the middle left, so GOOD LUCK FRIEND, I BELIEVE IN YOU <3 (because lbr singing along with it is SO MUCH FRIGGIN FUN AAAAH, need to learn Spanish just so I can sing along to all my fav reggaeton and bachata songs ;w; )

the original version is the best version. and heck yeah my friend!! proud of you. I know some Spanish, enough to brokenly translate the song lmao, but even my friend who’s practically fluent (technically “proficient”) in Spanish has difficulty singing Daddy Yankee’s parts. I got at least the chorus pretty much down pfff

My middle school love of Enrique Iglesias is helpful, Bailando and Dímelo were my JAMS. fun fact, for an embarrassingly long amount of time I confused Dímelo with Damelo…dímelo means “tell it to me” and damelo means “give it to me.” Little bit different lmao. In my defense, Enrique literally has a song called “Tonight I’m Fuckin You” so like. It wasn’t too far of a stretch :p


“Well, Special K is a form of exploration. In fact, we compare the result of falling in love with the taking of drugs. In both cases, there is a great rise and after a horrible come down. There is nothing we can do, that’s the way it is!”

Brian Molko, XL Magazine, 2000.

Placebo: Special K, live at Gurtenfestival, 2004.

i cant believe la vie en rose was playing during the failed dinner

“and when you kiss me heaven sighs” 

ya, real subtle ozzie

myloveislikeastarly  asked:

What does the lyrics of the song " If i believe you"means? What it means to u?

this song is a cry to a higher power, presumably a god. matty struggles mentally, questioning if his lack of belief is preventing him from finding purpose. the sentiment of belief is also found on this album in “nana”, where matty expresses his paradoxical lack of interest in religion. questioning religion and spirituality is a topic found in other songs by the band, such as “antichrist.”

and if i believe you is actually one of my fav songs, the live version is incredible! x