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Maybe it’s time to have a little faith, Dean. You know what I’ve got faith in? Reality. Knowing what’s really going on.  How can you be a skeptic? With the things we see everyday? Exactly. We see them, we know there real. But if you know evil’s out there, how can you not believe good’s out there, too? Because I’ve seen what evil does to good people.

1x12 “Faith”  

Dean: The V-Vanir? The Vanir were Norse gods of protection and prosperity, keeping the local settlements safe from harm. Some villages built effigies of the Vanir in their fields. Other villages practiced human sacrifice. One male, and one female. Kind of looks like a scarecrow, huh?

1x11 “Scarecrow” 


the supernatural gif challenge | nosignofwings vs. deanwnchestcr | round 8
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