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10 fav songs - non English

@aph-belarusia tagged me for a current 10 favorite songs, but she did the twist of making non-English songs. And I’m keeping that twist. It’s not necessarily my favorite songs of each language, but well it’s illustrative.

- Força - Da Weasel (Portuguese) 

- Rosa Sangue - Amor Electro (Portuguese)

- Crucifère - Eths (French)

- Magna Insomnia /Somnus - Yoko Shimomura (Latin)

- Mein Herz Brennt - Rammstein (German)

- Molitva - Marija Šerifović (Serbian) 

- Erämaan Viimeinen - Nightwish and Jonsu (Finnish)

Shiroi Hada ni Kuruu Ai to Kanashimi no Rondo - Malice Mizer (Japanese) 

- Llora Inquisicion - Nostra Morte (Spanish)

and now to end, I fucking love this song and I don’t care . Always did, still do. I love it it’s so fun.

- Você não vale nada mas eu gosto de você - Calcinha Preta (Brazilian Portuguese)

Hip hop/rap, commercial, alternative, hard rock, metal, ballad, soundtrack and funk. I listen to everything.

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Mother Mother - No Culture

My fav song from their album of the same title. <3

“G*psy” by Lady Gaga is the worst because it is so catchy and could be so enjoyable and one of the best songs on ARTPOP and she ruined it by entitling it with a slur not to mention repeating it a million times throughout the song


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RULES: put your music on shuffle and write down the first ten songs

1. Brighter Than Gold - The Cat Empire

2. Ocean Night - Approaching Nirvana

3. Call Me When You’re Sober - Evanescence

4. Michael Meets Mozart - The Piano Guys

5. Straight to My Heart - The Idea of North

6. Hallelujah - Paramore

7. Debout les Fous - Mozart Le Opera Rock Original Cast (La troupe)

8. The Escape of the Doll - Tarja

9. Sunset Boulevard - John Barrowman

10. Come So Far - Nuclear Throne OST Jukio “Kuabee” Kallio

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who is he? (the 4 language edition)
mm keeravani
who is he? (the 4 language edition)

a mashup of the same song in 4 different languages
shivuni aana / siva sivaya / kaun hain voh / aarivan aarivan

Tag game: Things about myself

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Thank you so much guys for tagging me and sorry for the delay.
This is the 20 things ( 35 for me) about myself game: 1) Name: Sreejita, 2) Nickname: Zeta,Titli ( means butterfly), 3)Zodiac sign: Pisces, 4) Height: 5 2" ( yes I know am too short for a stormtrooper but so was luke so am good), 5) Ethnicity: Indian, 6) Birthplace: Calcutta, 7) Orientation: Straight, 8) Fav. Fruit : Mango,9) Fav. Season: Rainy season in India and Fall in Boston, 10) Fav. Song: Changes all the time. I listen to anything from classical music, jazz to hip-hop.Currently it’s Levitate by Imagine Dragons. 11) Fav. Flower: Carnations, 12) Fav. Books: Tolkien, Harry Potter, Daddy long legs, Agatha Christie, Temp Brennan series, Pride and Prejudice, Wuthering heights..etc..13) Fav. Animals: Sloth ( my spirit animal), Tiger, dogs.. basically all.,14)Fav. Beverage: water , Dessert Wines, 15) Fav. Fictional characters: Thorin, Sam, Ron, Hermione, Kylo Ren, Killian Jones, Mon El, Ashoka Tano, Sabine Wren, Rey,Emma Swan, Kagura,Tony Stark, Captain Cold, Erik lensherr. 16) Dream trip: Prague, New Zealand ( just anywhere with good friends )
17) grossest memory: I am doctor so don’t even go there, 18) Killed people: only in fanfics thank God!! ,19) No. Of siblings: only child, 20) horror: NO( Sue me am a coward) 21) Reason to smile: Reylo, Karamel, CS,22) questions you are always asked: Arnt you too young to be doctor ( P.S am 28 but look young thanks to my baby face), 23) Fav. Food: major sweet tooth so basically sweets, 24) Gift you currently want to receive: Currently I badly want the Reylo poster from Star wars celebration, 25) Fav.flaw: Procrastination, 26) one thing that changed about you- I became more outgoing after my move to the states, 27)First ship/ OTP: Kagura/ Sesshomaru ( Inuyasha), 28) X-ray: I read X-rays for a living. 29) Fear that would want to conquer: my fear of exams, 30) Fav. Fanfic: too many. 31) Jogging/ swimming: none , I did rather sleep. 32) Blog: 2months( not sure), 33) Followers: 127. That is more than anyone wanted to know abt me. Without further Ado I would like to tag @contygold86, @sweet-karamel, @xwinterdreams, @viianki, @mon-kai-el, @emarasmoak, @reddragonlilly7, @kylo-im-ren, @teacactus, @hermesmultivitamins, @karadanversprince, @bisexualblorke, @karamelcoveredolicity and any others who want to play. Phew!! Am out.

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You're like the only other person I know that watches OUAT what was your fav song from the musical episode?

I’ve been obsessed with it ever since they released the trailer for the first season! And I can’t decide, they were all so good! But I definitely find myself listening to A Happy Beginning the most. 🏰

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