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YOI Anniversary Countdown Day 4: Yuri on Ice / Music


As Viktor and Yuuri were walking through the Christmas market in Barcelona, Viktor watched Yuuri’s eyes sparkle like the twinkling lights strung up for decoration. Viktor wondered what was going on in Yuuri’s mind as they walked together through the stalls and people passing by. He tried to offer Yuuri some hot wine in order to lighten up the mood a bit after the incident earlier, but Yuuri didn’t want to drink before competitions. So Viktor kept watching him quietly to see what Yuuri would do.

When they stopped at one stall to peruse the items laid out on display, Viktor noticed there was one table full of wooden music boxes. Some were the standard rectangular kind with a picture painted or printed on the surface. Others had tiny wooden figures moving around while music played. Viktor noticed one in particular that had a pair of wooden figure skaters skating in a circle to a soft melody. Viktor reached towards the box to pick it up for a closer look, and his hand came in contact with another. Viktor glanced up in surprise to see Yuuri had reached forward as well to examine the same music box.

“Ah! I’m sorry!” Yuuri quickly apologized as he pulled his hand back and held it awkwardly to his side, holding his gaze down in embarrassment. Viktor smiled and laughed gently as he patted Yuuri on the shoulder.

“We both seem to be thinking on the same wavelength,” Viktor spoke softly as he once again reached forward and picked up the music box. Viktor held it up between them and turned the winding key so they could both listen together. The melody was gentle like a sweet lullaby. Viktor and Yuuri watched closely as the skating pair spun and twirled around in a circle together. Viktor glanced over at Yuuri again to see what his expression was like and could see the sparkle in his eyes shine brighter behind Yuuri’s glasses.

“It’s a really beautiful melody isn’t it?” Yuuri shared as he listened closely to each note playing. “Kind of reminds me of the time when I first skated on the ice.”

“You’re right, I feel that way too,” Viktor agreed, still looking at Yuuri. Viktor smiled again and reached into his coat pocket to pull out his wallet. “Excuse me, I’d like to buy this one!” Viktor waved over to the shopkeeper.

Yuuri stared at Viktor with shock. “Huh? I can pay for it Viktor!” Yuuri was about to pull out his own wallet, but Viktor stopped him by placing his gloved hand on Yuuri’s arm.

“Consider it as a gift from me Yuuri,” Viktor decided as he paid for the music box. Yuuri couldn’t seem to argue as they waited for the box to be wrapped up carefully in a bag. When they continued walking, Viktor watched Yuuri look around at the shops more carefully until Yuuri spotted something in the distance and ran forward ahead to the shop window. Before Viktor could say anything Yuuri looked back at him with a determined expression.

“Viktor! Let’s go into this shop!” Yuuri pointed before running inside without waiting for an answer.

Sometimes, when backed into a corner, athletes can act completely unexpectedly.

That moment was only the beginning of Yuuri’s biggest surprise at all. 


Mother Mother - No Culture

My fav song from their album of the same title. <3

only loneliness and regret

a merlahad playlist because matthew vaughn and golden circle got me spiraling so pls enjoy going through a soundtrack of harry and hamish’s relationship spanning thirty-ish years

1. i want love - elton john // 2. kiss on my list - hall & oates // 3. the boys of summer - don henley // 4. make you feel my love - adele // 5. you’ve got to hide your love away - the beatles // 6. i’d really love to see you tonight - english dan seals & john ford coley // 7. under the same sun - ben howard // 8. every breath you take - the police // 9. everybody wants to rule the world - tears for fears // 10. fire and rain - james taylor // 11. it’s the end of the world as we know it - r.e.m. // 12.  it’s too late - carole king // 13. the long and winding road - the beatles // 14. don’t dream it’s over - crowded house // 15. take me home, country roads - john denver

i finished listening to the lighting thief musical album today and i haven’t felt this happy in a long time. GOD BLESS THE TLT MUSICAL.

who is he? (the 4 language edition)
mm keeravani
who is he? (the 4 language edition)

a mashup of the same song in 4 different languages
shivuni aana / siva sivaya / kaun hain voh / aarivan aarivan

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groundhog day- i cant pick one,,, day one, if i had my time again, seeing you all tied


be more chill- tied uhhh squip song and voices in my head !!!