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This was my fav song from The Little Mermaid musical btw..like YAS FUCK IT UP FLOUNDER 🐠 😩

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How do you feel today- gabrielle aplin

“So how do you feel today?

Cos tonight Im closing all the doors

so stay outside or lay down with all our flaws”

I am- James Arthur

I am something from nothing

I heard ‘em say.

Rags to the riches, your best mistake

I’m the future, I’m the relic, I’m the “not done yet”

Just a little bit of your heart- Ariana Grande

“I know I’m not your only
But at least I’m one
I heard a little love
Is better than none”

Blow your Mind (Mwah) - Dua Lipa

“If you don’t like the way I talk, then why am I on your mind?
If you don’t like the way I rock, then finish your glass of wine”

Always- Ella Eyre

“Said it before, you were more than I could ever take, forever
Like every day and never
Get what I want, because you’ll be gone for what
Even get the chance to say that
I don’t like the way I feel
You taking more than, you taking more than you ever gave”

I would Like- Zara Larsson

“Oh, I can’t help myself, it’s human nature, human nature
Who’s to say what’s meant to be?”

Bad reputation- Shawn Mendes

“And I don’t care what they say about you baby
They don’t know what you’ve been through
Trust me, I could be the one to treat you like a lady
Let me see what’s underneath, all I need is you”

My Gospel- Charlie Puth

“I’d buy a couple red-eye one-way tickets to Paris doing first class ride”

All Night- The Vamps

“Sometimes I tend to lose myself when I’m out here on my own
I never seem to get it right, but I guess that’s how it goes
Ever since you came around, can’t nobody hold me down
You showed me how to find myself when I needed it the most”

who is he? (the 4 language edition)
  • who is he? (the 4 language edition)
  • mm keeravani
  • bahubali

a mashup of the same song in 4 different languages
shivuni aana / siva sivaya / kaun hain voh / aarivan aarivan