fav song

“Everything you see behind the branches - it’s not me.
It’s not my sleeping oakery.
It’s not my bloody sorrow.
Shall we play together? Hide!

Who will you be?
- I’ll be The Wolf.

Don’t sleep! Don’t sleep on your side!
Lost your mittens while running…
Where will you find the courage now?
You’ll hide your beauty from me under the snow…

Who will you be?
- I’ll be The Wolf.

You are praying bitterly using patters.
You were running to the field but i was there…
You swing the branch as if it’s a magic wand.
Let’s start over with counting out rhyme!

Who will you be?
- I’ll be The Wolf” 



pull me from the dark (will & hannibal)

xLiesForALiar:“all I wanted was to capture just a fragment of this show’s essence"    A Success!