fav siblings!

au where bitty comes from a family of, like, eight siblings…and he’s the tallest of them all.

Matt 'I-cant-see' Holt

I’m laughing cuz there’s a theory circulating that Matt can’t actually see without his glasses and I’m just here thinking, that boy uses a staff and his bare hands, CUZ HE CAN’T SEE SHIT.

So Matt comes up with this method of LITERALLY SWINGING at everything that comes within a 1 metre radius. AND IF YOU GET ANY CLOSER, HE GONNA SUCKER PUNCH YOU.

I’m so proud of him. Pidge would be so proud of him.

The aliens lost to a fucking human who can’t see clearly and is just swinging around a fucking staff. This is why we love Matt Holt.

treacerous  asked:

Your headcanons are the best so you have any headcanons for Dan and Neil's friendship? I love them so much I feel like Dan is his big sister or something sksjdjs

thank you!! dan and neil oh boy here we go

✧ dan is one of the few people that neil will actually listen to
✧ and by that i mean she is one of the few people that will go the extra length to tackle him sit on him or drag him somewhere by force
✧ dan can throw neil and it has happened EXACTLY once and then they were banned from doing it ever again, much to their disappointment
✧ neil is dans favorite and she wont admit it. like ofc she will kill for all the foxes but something happens to neil and its personal and shes going after them w nails filed to points
✧ dan likes pineapple on pizza and neil hates it so dan obviously orders extra on every pizza they get 
wymack: dan get neil and gather all the nets up dan: neil wymack says to get the nets. yeah just you
✧ neil gives dan attitude once and never again
✧ they have an exasperated Look they give each other whenever someone says something stupid. sometimes one of them isnt even in the room but they enter just to exchange it
✧ they both love to curl up in the same chair and are constantly trying to kick the other out of it but it just…doesnt work. dan tips it all the way over at one point but neil just clings to it and wont fall off
✧ dan likes to do surprise selfies w neil and a lot of them are just doofy bc neil is caught off guard and dan is laughing too hard to keep the camera steady but theres One where theyre both beaming and at least halfway in focus and dan FRAMES IT
✧ when neil does something impressive in a game dan will pick..him up….and spin him around
✧ neil goes off on the press and wymack sends dan in for damage control and they end up punching one of the reporters. renee needs to intervene
✧ midnight runs to taco bell or mcdonalds
✧ fox tower plays assassin and dan and neil are the only two left and they booby trap the entire building
✧ *neil does something reckless* dan: i didnt raise you like this neil: yes, you did dan: *long suffering sigh* i know
✧ they make a secret handshake and the Entire Team is extremely jealous
✧ dan changes neils ringtone to some obnoxious hit 40s song and neil cant figure out how to change it. dan calls him at least 4 times a day
✧ constantly ready to throw down for each other. neil will fight someone to the death for dan and dan will murder a man for neil
✧ this gif

some of these are shamelessly from my own sibling experiences I LOVE THESE TWO

Hey guys, it’s been a while… The thing is that I’ve been REALLY busy with college and stuffs. This means that I won’t be able to post as frequently as I wished I could, I’m really sorry. But to make up for it I’m posting this little doodle(ish) piece! I had a really good time doing it!

There’s Firepaw, my daughter Cinderpelt in all her beauty! Some sibling cuddle cus Feather and Storm are my fav sibling couple! And baby Littlecloud napping… cus I love him.

Also there’s me trying to deal with all the college bullshit at the top and a pretty accurate pic of me drawing this piece while listening to the Hamilton soundtrack… is like this to all many of the songs!