fav scene so far

let’s take a moment to appreciate alex’s recap of their relationship up until that point

“we got close, then you called me out for liking you and i had the guts to admit yes, it’s true, and you told me that my feelings were real and that i deserved to be happy, and so i thought you meant i deserved to be happy with you

how beautiful was that

i love whoever is in charge of isak’s wardrobe because honestly his colour combos are so good?!? so on point all the time?! (and it obviously isn’t tarjei doing this ;) )

Honestly this episode is my fav so far. It had the most incredible scenes, we got another Malec kiss (lighting ruined everything), we got bamf!magnus (best thing ever), maia was bomb! love my bae, also raj!!!. And lets not forget raphael and saphael (i honestly chocked on tears with that scene with saphael and elaine) and then to end it all Jace and Alec just showed me why they are the best brothers ever. like. perfection. what a mother effing great episode.