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I haven’t lost control yet. The thing that i think will take people off guard is the direction that i’m taking and it’s not going to be logical… Trent Reznor, 1989


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↳ anonymous asked SNSD’s Mr. Mr. or Lion Heart

Receiving such award during our 1st week of comeback, I’m very happy. The fans who have been waiting for us very long, SONE, thank you very much. Thank you everyone who has been continuing to believe in us and waiting for us - Taeyeon

The new, most anticipated album by RHCP that marks the return of the almighty John Fajanta - Calidoofycation, out june 7, 9991 worldwide

The tracklist:

  1. Around the doofy
  2. Parallel (Doof)niverse
  3. Doofy Tissue
  4. Doofyside
  5. Get on Doofy
  6. Calidoofycation
  7. Doofily
  8. Porcelain (doofy)
  9. Emit Yfood
  10. I like doofy (feat. Josh Memehoffer)
  11. This Velvet doofy
  12. (Doofy is our) Savior
  13. Purple Doofy
  14. Right on Doofy
  15. Doofy Trippin’

Deluxe version contains 3 bonus tracks:

  • Fat Doofy
  • DoofyFunk
  • Doofycelixer
Preference "What their kink is" (NSFW)

(So here as so many requested the kink preference XD Yay for our fav being kinky XD PS. I didn’t feel comfortable putting the younger characters so I took out Carl, Ron and Enid for this one. I also tried my best to make all the kinks different and be descriptive as possible for this/ Sorry if it isn’t as specific as some of you would’ve liked it to be, I really tried my best! Gifs not mine/Found them on google/Credits to the original owners.)

Negan- His biggest kink would involve you suddenly taking control and dominating him completely while he was having his way with you whether he’d be thrusting into you or having you on your knees. He’d love hearing your soft voice suddenly ordering him what to do and how to please you right and satisfy you and he’d love it even more once you’d tie him up. Seeing you take your pleasure out of him and him letting his guard down completely to you would only turn him on even more than usually.

Daryl- His biggest kink would involve tying you up to the bed and anything else to make you feel and appear as vulnerable as he can, sometimes even going as far as to pull out his knife to seductively threaten you. Hearing you beg for him to touch you and seeing your soft and innocent expression switch to a much eager and satisfied one when he’d heed to your requests would only make want to pound into you even more.

Rick- His biggest kink would involve you undressing him and looking at your hand reaching over to his belt to take it off and him slowly putting his hand over yours to stop you. He’d slowly take his unloaded gun out to seductively warn you about what he’d do to you if you don’t obey him right now and trace the cold steel to see you shiver. He’d even sometimes make sure you’d do exactly what he wouldn’t want just to punish you the way he’d like.

Merle- His biggest kink would involve you being his dear little pet and doing whatever he’d ask of you. He’d just love bounding you up with whatever he can find and taking his pleasure out of you in so many different ways, just to hear you beg and plead for him to touch you as much as he can, all while making sure you’d call him “Daddy” for everyone to hear, and whether you’d say it sweetly, wantonly or eagerly it would turn him on even more.

Glenn- His biggest kink would involve the both of you having sex, in a rather public place/situation and him pleasing you to the point where you just couldn’t hold in your voice or moans anymore. He’d love seeing you bite your lips or onto him to keep quiet, all while he’d whisper to you to keep quiet, reminding you of how much of a shock it would be for the others to discover you like this.

The Governor- His biggest kink would involve you purposely slapping him/disobeying his orders and him having to teach you a lesson. He’d love to drag you to a more secluded place and just hike up your skirt or unzip your pants and simply bending you over his lap to torture you right then and there either with his fingers inside of you or slapping your ass as revenge so you’d understand he’s in control of the situation.

Abraham- His biggest kink would involve you purposely teasing him in countless of ways throughout the day, whether it be the way you’d dress or the looks you’d give him. He’d try to keep himself calm as long as he can and not to give in too easily but in the end, he’d grab you out of surprise and you’d always have him letting out his pent up frustration.

Eugene- His biggest kink would involve just feeling how wet and seeing how ready you’d be for him. He’d love to find new and different ways to tease you just to feel you getting warmer and wetter for him. Hearing you voice beg for him would make him want to make your every wishes a reality.

Jesus- His biggest kink would involve you blindfolding him and you taking him by surprise in countless of ways. Whether you’d slowly start to jack him off or ride him slowly and suddenly hard, whatever it is as long as his sight is gone and his other senses are heightened, he’d let you do anything you’d want and make sure you’d hear him beg for more.

Dwight- His biggest kink would involve him choking you while thrusting into you and hearing you gasp and moan out for air. He had always had a fixation and a fascination over your neck, so one night he put his hand around it and tightened his grip to see your reaction. Instantly, he was satisfied to feel you tightening around him even more and hearing you moan louder.

Morgan- His biggest kink would involve pulling your hair and looking at you eager and satisfied expression. He’d usually be gentle and soft with you whenever it came to your intimacy with him. However, on some occasion his jealousy over someone flirting at you would get the best of him and that’s when he’d be rougher than usual to remind you of who you belonged to.

Shane- His biggest kink would involve him walking in on you taking a shower and looking at you until you’d invite him over. He’d get in with you and immediately start to get you hot and bothered in every way you’d like before suddenly pressing you against the walls and thrusting wildly, all because he loved hearing your moans and the sounds of both your skins slapping echo against the tiles.

Milton- His biggest kink would involve pinning you down under him after a silly tickle fight or whenever you’d jokingly try to bother/distract him from his work and seeing you acting over dramatic about it. He’d love feeling in control over what he’d do to you and making you realize he can be as rough and tough as any other man.

Aaron- His biggest kink would involve him leaving hickeys and bite marks on you as much as he can and feeling your body react to him. He’d like to take his time to appreciate your body and although he wasn’t usually so possessive, on some occasions he’d like to remind you and even others around you who you’d belong to.

Gabriel- Despite feeling guilty about it, his biggest kink would involve you just pulling him by his collar roughly to kiss him or to drag him over to your room. He’d never admitted to anyone but he loved seeing how eager you were to be with him, to the point you just can’t take it, as well as seeing you simply taking pleasure out of pleasing him as much as you can.

The Wolf- His biggest kink would involve him convincing you whenever he can to get on your knees and pleasuring him orally. It wouldn’t matter where, he’d usually whisper his pleas or sometimes his orders for you to please him. The idea of you on your knees and him having control over you turns him on and makes you even more desirable to him.

Michonne- Her biggest kink would involve seeing you slowly change from being a kind/gentle lover to a rougher one. She’d appreciate every intimate moment of connection with you but slowly she’d try to provoke you to get you a little irritated here and there and have you treat her the way she’d want.

Maggie- Her biggest kink would involve you tying her to the bed and seeing you taking pleasure out of pleasing her. She’d love knowing much you desired her and the efforts you do to get her tied up and undressed. Just the thought of how willing you were to do anything to satisfy her, would only then turn her on ever more.

Andrea- Her biggest kink would involve you making her feel powerful and in control of you in the moment. She’d love pinning you down to where you were and take her pleasure out of you, only to make you beg and plead for her to return you the favor.

Jessie- Her biggest kink would involve finding your most sensitive areas to please you. She’d always love trying to find new ways to make you squirm and scream as well as feel you react differently from usually.

Beth- Her biggest kink would involve her teasing you with some candle wax. She was always curious about it and after you told her you were down with it, she had been using it to tease you as much as she could whenever you were at it. She loved taking care of your small burn marks and kissing the pain away, to remind you she was doing it out of love.

Sasha- Her biggest kink would involve you giving her a relaxing body massage leading to you slowly pleasuring her. She’d love being in a peaceful mind set and simply enjoying you caressing her all over and suddenly feel how much she meant to you and how eager you wanted to be with her.

Rosita- Her biggest kink would involve her being blindfolded but still being in control over you. She’d love deceiving you into believing she was going to submit to you for the night and slowly make you realize that she was the one dominating you. Telling you how she’d want you to touch her and please her right.

Tara- Her biggest kink would involve you pleading for your release. It wouldn’t matter how she’d be pleasing you, whether it be orally, with her fingers or any other way, she’d make sure to make you feel special and hear you beg her loudly to make you come.


Never forget EXO’s cover of Luis Miguel’s Sabor A Mí.

Preference "How they take care of you after a nightmare"

(Sorry again for posting late >_< But yay for our favs comforting us!! :3 PS. I tried my best to make them all different hope you all like it :D Gifs not mine/Found them on google/Credits to the original owners.)

Negan- After you had a nightmare, he’d pull you closely to him and ask you about what you saw and as you talked, he’d slowly distract you from your thoughts by pressing light kisses and touching you all over. “Y/N…how about…I make you forget about…whatever you saw…”

Daryl- After you had a nightmare, he’d usually sit up on the bed with you and pull you to lay on his chest. Stroking your hair and occasionally giving you kisses on your forehead, he’d say “Y/N, it’s okay, i’m here for you…whatever you saw, it wasn’t real, you have nothing to worry about…”

Rick- After you had a nightmare, he’d immediately wrap his arms around you tightly and ask what was wrong. As he listened, he’d pull the blankets up and give you back rubs to make you feel much more comfortable. "Y/N…everything’s alright…i’m here and i’ll always be here for you…”

Merle- After you had a nightmare, he’d turn on the lights and hug you for a moment to reassure you. He’d then try to make you forget about everything by making you laugh and tickling you. “Y/N! Whatever you saw, it ain’t real baby…But this…this is real!”

Glenn- After you had a nightmare, he’d wrap his arm around you and pull you closely to press against his chest. He’d stroke your hair and try to convince you to go back to sleep. “Y/N, you shouldn’t worry about it…i’m right here by your side…”

Carl- After you had a nightmare, he’d  turn the lights on and sit up with you. He’d then suggest to do anything you’d want as long as it made you forget about the bad things you dream about and you’d both usually end up pulling an all nighter and having fun.

The Governor- After you had a nightmare, he’d turn the lights on and pull you up to sit on his lap. While he listened to you talking about your dream, he’d stroke your hair and whisper “Y/N, as long as i’m here…no one, will or can ever hurt you…trust me I wouldn’t ever let anything happen to you, even in your sleep…”

Abraham- After you had a nightmare, he’d put his arm and leg over you just to reassure you that he was indeed next to you. He’d kiss your cheek and sleepily say “I’m right here, baby… Don’t worry…Whatever you saw…i’ll make a bitch out of it…for you…”

Eugene- After you had a nightmare, he’d inch closer and curiously ask you about your dream. Hearing how worried you were, he’d try to cheer you up, so he’d end up touching nose with you and successfully make you laugh and say “It’s much better to hear you laugh, Y/N…”

Jesus- After you had a nightmare, he’d sit up with you and try his best to calm you down. He’d pull you for a hug and suggest you to go eat something with him. “Y/N, whatever you saw…it wasn’t real…but this…this food that we’re eating, it’s for sure…Real!”

Ron- After you had a nightmare, he’d cup your face and make you realize he was the only real thing at the moment. He’d check your temperature and reassure you “Y/N, i’m here! I’m here! It’ll be okay! You’re awake now…You’re right here with me now…”

Dwight- After you had a nightmare, he’d sit up with you and grab a hold of your hands. He’d bring them close to his lips to kiss them and try his best to make you feel better. "I haven’t seen what you saw but…I-I promise, whatever it is…I ain’t lettin’ hurt you again, Y/N…”

Morgan- After you had a nightmare, he’d slide his hand over to yours and intertwine his fingers with you. He’d look over at you and tell you to take deep breaths. “It’s okay Y/N, i’m right over here…breathe in…breathe out…think about something else…think about what would make you happy, instead…”

Shane- After you had a nightmare, he’d climb on top of you and cup your face. He’d slowly rub your cheek and ask you what was your nightmare about. He’d then start to press some kisses over your face and say “Everything will be okay, Y/N…i’ll find a way to make you forget all of it…”

Milton- After you had a nightmare, he’d turn to you to ask you about it. He’d listen closely and later get up, telling you to wait. He’d then come back with some tea he brewed for you. “I thought it’d make you feel better, Y/N…after this If you don’t feel like sleeping, I can keep you company as long as you want…”

Aaron- After you had a nightmare, he’d go open the window to let the air in and ask you about what you saw. When he’d come back to bed, he’d scoot closer to you and let you lay your head on his shoulder. “It’s okay, Y/N…from now on everything it’ll be alright…i’ll keep you company till you fall back asleep…”

Gabriel- After you had a nightmare, he’d hear you being frightened and go to your room. He’d sit by your bed side and nervously asked what had happened. Knowing no one was looking, he’d grab your hand and get in the bed with you. “It’s alright, Y/N…You can go to sleep now…I’ll-I’ll stay with you till you fall asleep…”

The Wolf- After you had a nightmare, he’d be curious about it and ask you what you saw. He’d then try to cheer you up and close his eyes  and turn to over to you and say “Alright Y/N…let me see how scary your dream was…or rather your nightmare…wake me up when I start to freak out!”

Michonne- After you had a nightmare, she’d get closer to you and as she propped herself on her elbow, she’d stroke your hair to calm you down. “It’s alright Y/N…i’m right here with you…i’m not going to let a simple nightmare frighten you…”

Maggie- After you had a nightmare, she’d turn the lights on and hurriedly hug you tightly. She’d rub your back and do her best to reassure you. “Everything’s going to be alright, Y/N…i’m right here for you…It was just a stupid dream…”

Andrea- After you had a nightmare, she’d pull you closely to her and ask you what was wrong. As she’d listen, she’d try to cheer you up by peppering light kisses over your face. “Well, don’t think about it Y/N…think about something that makes you happy…like me!”

Jessie- After you had a nightmare, she’d turn the lights on and sit up with you. She’d instinctively check your temperature and get you a wet towel to make you feel better. “It’s alright Y/N…you’re going to be just fine…”

Beth- After you had a nightmare, she’d sit up with you and hold your arm to rest her head over your shoulder and ask you about your nightmare. “It does sound scary…but you shouldn’t worry Y/N…i’m right here for you…nothing to worry about anymore!”

Sasha- After you had a nightmare, she’d turn over to you and cup your face to ask you what had happen. She’d then get up and tell you to wait and come back with some hot chocolate. “I know it won’t undo your nightmare, Y/N…but it’s the next best thing!”

Rosita- After you had a nightmare, she’d turn over to you and ask you about what had happen. As she’d listen she’d feel bad and want to make you laugh. She’d pull her pillow and jokingly hit you with it and surprised you’d do the same, only to the both of you ending up having fun.

Enid- After you had a nightmare, she’d get her flashlight and pull the blanket over both of your heads. She’d make you sit up along with her and ask you about your nightmare. “That is kinda scary…but don’t worry Y/N…it’s not real…and i’m here for you…”

Tara- After you had a nightmare, she’d turn the lights on and sit across from you with her legs crossed. She’d grab a hold of your hands and ask you about what you dreamt about. She’d then kiss your forehead and say “It’ll be alright, Y/N…you have nothing to worry about…i’m here for you…i’ll always be…”

anonymous asked:

Hi. Was it you who recommended captive prince? If yes then I LOVED IT OMG!! Do you have any other book recommendations?

YES IT WAS ME, AND YES I DO! I love to read original m/m romance, and I’ve gathered quite a collection over the years :p Here are a few of my personal favs; those I truly believe are worth the read (cus I’ve also read lots of awful stuff, too – but I’ll not rec you that, don’t worry XD)

OK let’s go

(these are all links to the Goodreads summaries of the books)

it’s a series of 9 books, two FBI agents who hate each other’s guts (at first…most of the time…not always!!); one of them is batshit crazy but SO LOVABLE, and the other one is all I find sexy in a man tbh. This series is MY MOST ABSOLUTE FAV it ranks right next to Captive Prince!

ok it’s a lot of porn. But I just love the trope of the sexy bisexual man who always fucks with no strings attached UNTIL THE MOMENT HE MEETS HIS SOULMATE aka mr straight barman :D At first I didn’t like this book cus I thought it’d be porn only but SURPRISE: it has lots (and I say LOTS) of angst too; and so much love. I recommend this series 200/10!

after all the porn, a little bit of gay man (well, early twenties is “man”, right?) in a small town shenanigans. This series (ONLY THE 1ST TWO BOOKS, last one was a let down tbh) is absolutely UNIQUE and it’s so funny, and angsty, and cute, and fluffy, and moving; it’ll make you laugh and cry and thank JESUS this book exists XD Obviously, it’s a must read at any time of day since it’s got little to nothing too sexy in it.

imo this is the BEST gay bdsm series EVER (up until book 3 or 4, anyway; after that it’s…. well, you’ll see). I’ve given lots of other series/stand-alones a try but nothing has ever been able to beat this. TRULY my most favorite D/s couple, and everything about the bdsm world sounds wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more believable and respectful of every party than, say…. 50sog *gag*

this book is gonna be a series, but the other books aren’t published yet PLUS they won’t be about the same characters, so I don’t wanna call it a series exactly (all the previous ones are always about the same couples/people). THIS BOOK IS THE EXACT PERFECT MIX BETWEEN HILARIOUS AND SEXY AF. I LIVE FOR THESE TYPES OF BOOKS.

yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee so how about a novella about a guy who owns a robot. And um.. somehow discovers he can… um….. ask him……stuff…. of the intimate sort. I’M NOT KINKY, THE BOOK IS!

So, this book is like that one AO3 fic that’s got all the most dreadful warnings like non-con/rape, gore, etc etc. Yes, it has all these things. Honestly, be careful, there are some scenes I could NEVER re-read. Whenever I read this book all over again I literally skip those parts cus I just…. can’t. OK SO BASICALLY it’s a fantasy book about an ogre (CALM DOWN HE’S NOT SHREK, he’s a half-ogre half-human so I guess it makes the sexing ok lmao), and about some kind of wildling who gets captured by the ogre’s tribe and is sold to SHREK (jk jk, he’s not Shrek omg) as a sex slave. SEE WHY I READ THAT ONE. SEX SLAVES. HUZZAH. o// It’s a truly epic/gripping/hot-as-all-fucks/kinky/gory/oh-god-why-DO-I-LOVE-THIS-SO-MUCH story. Be careful, though. It’s not for the sensitive souls.

As the title suggests, it’s a love story happening in the army. It’s absolutely the most amazing book about gay soldiers I’ve read so far! You’ll love every single one of the characters, especially BIG DADDY GRABOWSKI *cackles*

[tons of GREAT books about gay soldiers spill out of my bookcase]

[tries to convince you I’ve never seen these books before in my entire life, but wow, they do look good, huh?]

AGE GAP. ADORABLE. HOT HOT HOT. ITALIAN MOB. AND CUTE TEACHER. NEED I SAY MORE. I have a special shelf on GR for this type of books actually, and it’s titled: adorable-self-deprecating-babies.

from the same author as the previous book, and again it’s on my #adorable self deprecating babies 5ever. It’s got a bit of the “beauty and the beast” feel to it. AKA, one thinks he is useless & dumb,especially compared to the other man who is successful & smart.

SO ADORABLE SELF DEPRECATING BEEFCAKE I love this book so much omg. Also, another beauty & the beast story. Idk I just love those :’D

If you manage to go through this and need more, don’t hesitate to ask! I could actually leave you my Goodreads profile so you can browse my bookshelves.

Voilà <3

Preference "How they react to you cursing for the first time"

(So I hope I got this request right and you all like it :D Yay for Father Gabriel being added :3 and our fav’s overacting XD tags:@ichimaruai @mistwolf4 @poetedesnuages @fluffymishaberries @63stamos PS. I tried my best to make all their reactions different :D Gifs not mine/Found them on google/credits to the original owners.)

Negan- You had simply stubbed your toe on the corner of the table, he sat by and you let out a loud “Fucking shit!”. He was used to hearing curse words but the moment it came from your mouth, it was like his mind got blown away. He dropped his spoon and suddenly got extremely excited and couldn’t stay still “Excuse my french, Y/N…But did I just fucking hear you curse? Oh my goodness! You did say fuck, didn’t you! That’s so cool! You know you should curse more often! In fact, you should curse everyday!”

Daryl- You were on a long run together and finally made your way back home. As you put everything on the shelves you noticed you forgot and let out “Ah! Fuck! Seriously!”. Daryl’s was next to you helping you out and heard you. He instantly looked at you with a shock face but suddenly his lips curled into a smile. He chuckle and slowly started to laugh even more realizing how cute you were. He then jokingly said “Woah, Y/N! Since, when did you start to curse?! You better watch your mouth! Man, I need to be more careful around you! ”

Rick- You were cleaning a higher shelf in the house, and Rick helped hold the ladder while Carl stayed next to him and handed you anything you needed. As you cleaned, you accidentally dropped something and luckily missed Carl but you couldn’t help but let out “Oh, fuck! I’m sorry Carl…” Instantly, Rick looked up at you and gave you a warning look. "Y/N! Language!“ He suddenly smiled and started to laugh and reached to tickle you and said "We have children here! You can’t just let yourself loose like that!”

Merle- You had dropped something under the bed and were trying to reach for it. As you finally, got it Merle walked in the room and called you. Instantly, you tried to get up and bumped your head hard and let out “Ow! Fucking bitch!” Merle was surprised to hear you and got closer to help you out. He hugged you and rubbed your head to be better and started to laugh his ass off. “Damn, Y/N! Are you alright!? I never seen you so pissed that you’d start cursing! Is it that bad?!”

Glenn- You were eating a meal with Glenn and as you ate, you couldn’t help but curse from how good the food was. “Fuck…” He heard you despite your full mouth and raised his gaze to look at you. His eyes widened and he checked around to see if anyone else had heard you as well. He saw no one else and couldn’t help but start to laugh and said “Y/N! Careful with your words! How can you just curse like that!? It was really unexpected!”

Carl- You were both on a run together and were scavenging through a store. You were both done but as you walked out, you saw a small herd of walkers outside and in a exasperated tone said “Fuck…Seriously?!” Carl slowly turned to look over at you and said “Y/N…did you just curse?!” You looked at him uncertain and just shrugged. He acted casual and said “That’s cool…i’m fine with that! I can say bad words too!” He opened the door out and attacked the first walker and said “Fuck!” Only to make you laugh as well.

The Governor- You were cleaning your room and had started to sing and dance to distract yourself for a while. When suddenly you heard Philip behind you closely. It surprised you and as you turned around, you just let out “Holy fuck! Philip! you scared the shit out of me!” His smile disappear for a moment and he said “Y/N…since when did you have such a bad mouth…” You didn’t know what to say but suddenly he couldn’t hold it and started to laugh. “Oh, Y/N…don’t worry! I can’t be mad at you! you’re just so adorable when you look guilty…”

Abraham- You were working on the construction around Alexandria along with Abraham. As you helped him, you then lift up a large piece of wood together and couldn’t help but start to curse to ease the pain. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! It’s heavy! It’s heavy!” You immediately put the piece back down and realized what had happen. He was shocked to hear you as well and he got closer to you and put a hand on your shoulder and started to laugh “Holy shit Y/N! You just cursed! But you know…you’re going to need to be more creative if you’re gonna start to using bad words!”

Eugene- You were reading in your room and as you turned the pages, you suddenly got a paper cut. You felt a stinging pain and loudly said "Fuck!” Eugene was walking over to you and the moment he heard you, he stopped at the door. He was confused and slowly peered into the room and said “I’m sorry, Y/N! I don’t know what I did wrong but it must be because of me and bad for you to start cursing!” He walked in the room with his eyes closed and expected for you to yell at him but only heard your laughter instead.

Jesus- You were on a run together and were scavenging through a town. You were done with everything and called out to Paul to leave when suddenly he came back running from a few walkers. You were pissed and exhaled loudly saying “Fuck…are you serious!?” You followed his lead and ran as well. He had heard you curse and was really surprised. As he came closer to you, he chuckled and out of breath said “Woah, Y/N! Never thought I’d be able to ever witness you just curse out like that!”

Ron- You were sitting outside next to each other and suddenly felt a big gust of wind. You shivered and just had to say “Oh, fuck! It’s cold!” Ron hadn’t expected for you to curse like that and just turned to look over at you. He frowned and shook his head. “Y/N…come on…I thought you were over that…” You felt bad for saying it and tried to apologize but suddenly he smiled and put his arm around you. “I’m joking Y/N! There’s nothing wrong with you cursing! I think it’s funny!”

Dwight- You were taking a nap in your room and were moving all over the bed. You suddenly fell over and as you hit the floor, you cursed in pain “Ow! It fucking hurts!” Dwight had walked in the perfect moment and the moment he heard you, he chuckled. He was stunned to hear you but it still made him smile. He went in to help you up and said “Y/N, are you okay? What’s about the whole cursing! I never expected to hear you like that before! Great, now i’m stuck with another Negan in my life…” As he said that, you hit his shoulder playfully and you both had a laugh.

Morgan- You were on a run together and were about to head back home by horse. However, as you approached it somehow surprised you and made you drop your bag and you let out “Fucking shit!” Morgan was just walking behind you and had witnessed the whole thing. He started to laugh but as he realized it was the first time he heard you cursing, he said “Y/N…why? I never thought you were this kind of person…You can’t just say that to the horse! It didn’t do it on purpose!”

Shane- You had awaken in the middle of the night and walked over to the bathroom. You didn’t want to open the lights and wake Shane up and walked in the darkness. However, you suddenly slipped and fell on the ground, instantly you yelled “Fuck! Fuck! Fucking shit!” Shane woke up and went to open the lights to see you on the floor. The sight made him laugh but hearing you curse was even funnier to him. He helped you up and said “Y/N…I didn’t know you knew about these words! Who did you learn it from!?”

Milton- You were helping Milton out with some of his experiment and somehow got an electrical shock from one of the devices. In that instant, you darted away and yelled “Fuck!” Milton looked over to you and raised his eyebrow in question. He was shocked but because it was you, he started to chuckle and as he walked over to you, he jokingly said “Y/N! Are you spending time with Dixon behind my back or something?! I never heard you curse like this before!”

Aaron- You were coming back home from a run together and you had decided to drive. As you put the key in the ignition, the car wouldn’t start and pissed you said “Are you fucking serious?!” Aaron immediately turned to look at you and couldn’t help but laugh. He put a hand to yours and said “Y/N! Calm down! I never expected for you of all people to just lose your mind over this, here let me help!”

Gabriel- You were helping him clean up the church and suddenly a noise had surprised you and you said “Holy shit! What the fuck was that!?” You turned to look over and saw Gabriel picking a bible up. He frowned at you and you felt bad. You were about to apologize but he cut you off and said “Y/N…we are in the Lord’s house…watch your mouth…” You nodded and he turned back. He smirked to himself and in a playful tone, continued “If you want to curse, you’re more than welcome to do so when we’re in private…”

Michonne- You were going on a run with her and later realized you had forgotten to bring more ammunition. You got frustrated and threw a mini tantrum and said “Oh, fuck! Seriously! The fuck is wrong with me!” Michonne had witness everything and was shock by the amount of curse words that then came out of your mouth. Nonetheless, she still thought it was cute and walked closer to you and laughing said “Y/N, calm down! Wow never thought a little thing like you knew all these words! You don’t need to worry, we can always walk back!”

Maggie- You were taking a nap on the couch, when suddenly you awaken in surprise as Maggie intentionally scared you. She laughed her ass off seeing your reaction and as she heard you say “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” She laughed even harder and couldn’t seem to find a way to stop. Wiping a tear away, she said “Oh my goodness, Y/N…I scared you so much, you finally started to curse!”

Andrea- You were on a run together and as you scavenged through a town, she decided to keep an eye on you from afar. She saw a walker creeping up to you and quickly shot it. The gunfire surprised you and you just had to say “Oh my fucking god!” She heard you from a distance and couldn’t help but chuckle. She got closer and said “I’m so sorry Y/N because of me you’re starting to curse!”

Jessie- You were helping her in the kitchen and as you chopped up some vegetables, you suddenly cut your finger and said "Oh! Fuck!” She immediately walked over to you and help you. As she stopped the little cut from bleeding, she realized what you had said and started to chuckle. “Y/N…Language! Careful, next time the kids might be around and might hear you!”

Beth- You were playing a board game together and as you realized you had lost, you said “Fuck! I should’ve seen it coming!” She was initially shocked but suddenly started to laugh. Following your lead she shrugged and then said “Fuck! You’re right! You should’ve seen it coming!” You were stunned as well from her language and suddenly you both burst into laughter.

Sasha- You went on a run together and suddenly a herd of walkers ambushed you. You both ran away and went over to hide behind a truck. Out of breath, you whispered “Holy fucking shit! How can this fucking happen!” She was in shock from what was happening and the moment she heard you, she was even more surprised but slowly started to chuckle. “Y/N…You just cursed…It’s a miracle! I think we’re gonna get through this!”

Rosita- You were both about to head out and as you walked downstairs, you tripped and she had witnessed the whole thing. While she laughed, you said “Fuck! Fuck! Ow!” She heard you cursing and laughed even more. You mocked her for laughing at you but nonetheless she walked over to help you up and said “Oh my god! It was hilarious, Y/N! You falling combined with your cursing! I look forward to hear you curse even more in the future!”

Enid- You were sitting next to each other and were respectively writing in your diary. You suddenly forgot the spelling of a specific word and the more you thought about it, the more it frustrated you. You then gave up and said "Oh, fuck it!” Enid had heard you and couldn’t help but smirk to herself. She shook her head and said “Y/N…you shouldn’t say those kind of words…the others might scold you for it..but since we’re alone, i’m okay with it!”

Tara- You were walking home together from a run and suddenly you felt a few drops of rain. As you looked up, rain began pouring down and you exhaled saying “Are you fucking serious! Now!” As she looked at you, she laughed and got closer to you. She put her jacket over your head and said “Oh…Y/N, Out of all the things that could finally make you say bad words…rain, really?!”

** my favs - ps sorry this is quite late :P

the freedom of birds (2/? | 7,410 | Rated M)**

Alec didn’t intend to buy anybody at the auction, but when he saw Magnus Bane openly defy his master, he stepped in before Magnus could get hurt. Now somehow Magnus belongs to him, and he has no idea what to do about it.

No Sweeter Innocence (5/6 | 14,518 | Rated E)**

Magnus is Alec’s first kiss, first relationship, first everything. So when they start having sex, he’s a little overwhelmed at first.

(Or: Five times Alec accidentally ‘finished’ early, and the one time he finally outlasted Magnus.)

Easy Enough (1/1 | 2,103 | Rated E)**

Alec let out a quiet ‘pfft.’ Before shrugging his shoulders indifferently. “Easy enough.”

This only allowed for a smirk to appear on the warlocks face, shrugging his shoulders with Alexander. “I mean if you say so.”

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