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Every time there’s a tragedy in America, there’s all this gawky fascination and a lot of fucking exploitation. There’s a lot of fucking Nancy Grace, gleefully making fun of a murderer, someone’s kid is dead, or someone’s dad is dead, and they have Nancy Grace going, ‘This isn’t adding up!’ What a nightmare. But whatever, that’s what she does. I don’t think any of us are doing healthy discourse. The way we chew up what’s going on in the world, when there’s a new video of a terrible thing that happened, and it has a Snapple ad in front of it - it’s weird. It used to be, you watched the news and then there’s a commercial break, but now it’s like. 'This beheading is brought to you by Snapple.’ Fucking crazy. I used to read the Huffington Post, and I can’t anymore, because it’s all 'Britney Spears’ ass stuck out of her pants.’ It’s just mean. There’s so much meanness slung on people, people that are victims. Everybody gets made fun of, the way they look, and we all just fucking yap and speculate with quote-unquote outrage, tragic sadness.
—  Louis C.K. in Rollingstone

me: a bts blog,,, who is also a carat

also me: reblogs something seventeen related

aLSO me: feels obligated to immediately reblog about 5 things bts related out of fear of people unfollowing/ not liking my content

me, in my head: this blog is for the content i love and appreciate and want to see that i want to share with others who also happen to love and appreciate the same things. this blog and the people i blog about makes me happy. why should i modify my happy things to please others i just want to love them

we miss you cory (1982-2013)

Another personal fav Oscar award winning Shinhwa film.

Villain Kim Dongwan is an A+ but BABY baby bird kills me.

Hello Everyone! So, Me “Plumeriah” & Melanie “Leavehs” are proud to announce our first ever Easter awards! We would love for everyone to enter! We also think this will be a really fun way to discover new blogs! If you want to enter please follow the rules below!


Ø  Must be following both of us! Plumeriah & Leavehs

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Higher Chances:

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Ø  Talk to us, we don’t bite & love new friends!

Ø  Be nice!


Ø  (2x) Hoppiest Award- Best Theme

Ø  (2x) Egg Hunt Award - Best Photos

Ø  (2x) Jelly Bean Award – Best Discovery

Ø  (2x) Chocolate Award – Best URL

Ø  (2x) Cutest Bunnies Award – Best Overall

Ø  (2x) Pastel Fav Award- Personal Favorite


Ø  A follow from us, if not already

Ø  Promos whenever throughout the month of April

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Ø  And the best… 2 new amazing friends!!


Ø Picture & caption created by Plumeriah  

Ø Thoughts were both of ours!

Ø  If you have any questions please feel free to ask either of us!

Ø We will be choosing the winners the day after Easter!

Good Luck to everyone and don’t be sad if you don’t win, just remember that you and your blog is beautiful!! And we LOVE you all!  

Thank you so much for entering!

welcome to my second tumblr awards everyboday*insert peace sign here*


- must be following this fab person » here

-reblog only

-end when i get my laptop back *idek when*

-can be liked but only for track

-has to reach 50notes

-2 winners for each category


-pizza award » best url

-pancakes award » nicest blogger

-cupcakes award » best Teen wolf

-potato award » best Pjo/hoo

-burritos award » best Divergent

-hamburgers awards » best Doctor who

-apple pie award » best Supernatural

-mac&cheese award » best Hunger Games

-donut award » best overall

-tacos award » personal favourite


-a follow back


-more love

-group promo

-solo promo for my personal fav