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Friendly reminded that you can like an actor/musician/celebrity and still be critical of their behaviors and their work. 

Freezing manga cap redraw ♥

So today marked another occasion of “I cannot possibly believe that there is no Kelsox fanfiction out there that was written out of genuinely shipping them [aside from The Rest of Our Days, now] so I have to try searching again” and I actually found four LiveJournal posts by four separate people mentioning lowkey shipping it (one of whom apparently had a Cox/Kelso icon at the time???) and I don’t know if this makes me feel better or worse because it means I’m not entirely alone but I want to talk to them and those posts are literally a decade+ old. also there still was no fanfiction to be found

CrissColfer MasterPost

Now, I have a friend who is having her doubts about Crisscolfer, so I decided to help her out ( Because I am a good friend) Now, because I’m lame, ill be posting with the help of tumblr, some gifs with their sources, but if i cant find the source I’m probably going to use google so bare with me. Just know these Gifs aren’t mine! None of them! Also I’m gonna have a read under the cut for some people who don’t ship CC and I don’t want any shit okay? So just know I warned you. Also there will be some mentions of Chill and Miarren and gifs as well. Soif this is sensitive to some people, don’t read.

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