fav part sobs


Accept this shining ring in my hand
That I’ve prepared from awhile back
With the same feelings today
I’ll remember the promise made right now
Would you marry me
For a lifetime I’ll be by your side, I do
Loving you, I do
Cherishing you through the snow and rain, I do
I’ll protect you, My love
I have nothing else to give you but love
That’s all, hardly valuable
Though I’m clumsy and am lacking
My love, my girl
I’ll protect you
Will you promise me just one thing
That no matter what happens
We will love each other
That’s it
Will you marry me, I do

Asterisk (Ballad piano cover)
Asterisk (Ballad piano cover)

Arashi - Asterisk (Ballad piano cover)
here’s to celebrating the release of the digitalian con!! ♡  

“Even the radiance is captured by the black hole
The gently smiling sun
Only a little of the natural light shined through
Give the stars your power, shining on.”