fav part of the dance


Charles before Erik



Bet you all expected some wheelchair kinky stuff but NOPE ITS NOT ( ͡ʘ ͜ʖ ͡ʘ)

The wheelchair dancing scene is my fav part in the movie XD Actually I wanted to draw Cherik doing that IN A ROMANTIC WAY LIKE THE MOVIE but then my brain suddenly malfunctioned so it turned out like this imsosorryCharlandErik

Please don’t kill me for the GIF

我就喜欢看犯二的法鲨跟崩溃的一美 ( ͡ʘ ͜ʖ ͡ʘ) (喂

[The After]

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Hi! I was just wondering if you had any more sid/geno recs? I read the whole list you posted last time, hehe.... or alternatively, bitty/parse recs?! Love you!!

- There’s a curse mark on the back of Sid’s neck, and Geno has magic so he’s got to save the love of his life
- Sidney babysits other people’s children until one day he and his husband Geno are the ones asking for babysitters
- Sidney accidentally gets hooked on trashy romance novels and joins a forum, makes Internet friends, and eventually gets the man of his dreams (Geno and Sid are still both Pens)
- Sid and his boyfriend Geno through Taylor Crosby’s eyes; fav part was when she sees Sid and Geno slow dancing and that it reminded her of her parents, very sweet
- Geno confuses “booty call” with “butt dial.” Sidney is thirsty. Geno is thirsty, too.
- Sid and Geno fall in love over HGTV

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idk if you have watched it but your personality kinda reminds me of Usui Kazuyoshi from SKET Dance

oh man you dont even know switch is like my idol for t w o  whole y e a r s

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my favorite part of cherry bomb is when jaehyun sings after the chorus in the middle of the song. he just sounds so good.

you mean the part at 2:06? i always have to pause the song to replay that part!!! his voice sounds so hot in that part 😍 he gives the song such a smooth transition and completely changes the mood of the song! 


November 24, 2002.

Last July it was an honor to receive the Junior Best Dancer title at The Dance Awards. I have worked so hard for so many years to finally have my dream come true - I was really looking forward to assisting all the amazing teachers and growing as a dancer - I was on top of the world. During the year while training I started having pain in my left hip, not a big deal, right? I’m a dancer! By October, the pain had gotten worse, to the point where I couldn’t dance. I saw many doctors and they all confirmed, I had Perthes Disease in my left hip. I was devastated, but I was determined to not make this the end of my story.

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what were ur fav parts of the dance off? :)

honestly i agreed with all of their top ¾ and almost all the people i were rooting for did as well as i hoped!!! one of the most satisfying and tbh predictable tda’s that i’ve watched

but in particular these were some good surprises of the night: 

  • savannah making top 10, baby sabine making top 3!!!
  • easton’s train wreck solo was a highlight for me damn that was good 
  • the entire junior top 4 
  • bostyn! brown! i loved her new solo touch 
  • eva igo’s improv 
  • megan goldstein and eva igo making top 4 teens was probably the best highlight of the night for me 
  • sabine, ella, ava b and eva had my favourite reactions of the night 
  • jaxon willard and simrin player (nuff said) 
  • lex’s best dancer solo

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Mommm, I finally managed to watch seventeen's weekly idol, AND I SWEAR TO THE ALMIGHTY THAT THE CAMERA MAN AND THE EDITING STAFF IS IN LOVE WITH WONWOOO. Dork didn't even do anything and still got a LOT of screen time, a LOT of him just slaying me in general, and I ain't complaining~~ Aand Dino finally let out his frustration at being "JEONGHAN HYUNGS AEGI" WOOZI got kissed a lot by the members and I'm gonna stop here. Need to control myself coz this carat life is destroying me Whoooosh!

i was so happy with all his screentime BUT CHAN THOUGH OMG I LOVE THIS KID i think my fav part though was when jeonghan cheated (of coURSE) in the random dance play omfg he’s so good at swindling the hosts didn’t even notice he was in the wrong place LMAO