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Last night I lay in bed so blue
‘Cause I realized the truth, they can’t love me like you
I tried to find somebody new
Baby they ain’t got a clue, can’t love me like you

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someone just said that jason todd is like a white school shooter (bc he apparently killed some school kids?? i don't remember this??) and mentioned that all tim drake-critical meta is written by jason todd apologists... idk what to say

This is called ‘hypocrisy’, really. I saw the post in question, because it was helpfully not tagged with ‘anti jason’ anything, so once again certain segments of fandom would like to have their cake and eat it too. 

As for the school kids thing, Jason never actually killed school kids, iirc (he killed 200 people in a prison which is slightly more his style but still doesn’t fit his stated agenda and moral code). When they turned him full villain I believe they had him like suggest using kids for some plan that might have resulted with them in harms way if they went through with it, but it didn’t actually happen. Again, this is when DC was literally slaughtering Jason’s character in Robin just prior to Battle for the Cowl to make him a full villain. It directly contradicts the character as established in Under the Hood and Lost Days. DC freely admits they did this, so idk what there is to apologize for. Jason fans are aware of what those writers did to Jason but when characterization comes into direct conflict like that you have to pick which you’re going with, and one is a nuanced anti-hero and the other is a villain who makes no sense and was contained within a book (Battle for the Cowl) that fandom regards as terrible for ALL characters, not just Jason, and DC later got rid of that characterization THEMSELVES so…? 

People don’t actually need an agenda to dislike a character or be critical. People can also be critical of a character they actually like. There’s also being critical of a character and being critical of fanon for that character, or how fandom treats a character. Or, y’know, being critical of the writing.

People also need to just let it go because honestly the amount of fuss being made in reaction to the ‘hate’ has far exceeded the hate itself and it’s honestly annoying at this point.

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August 15, 2017:  “AGUSTD ( 1ST MIXTAPE )” 1ST ANNIVERSARY

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