fav one of the night


get to know me: favorite female character → the ‘avatar: the last airbender’ girls
“I’m a warrior, but I’m a girl too.”


I Ship It! / Childhood Edition (6/?) → Katara x Zuko (Avatar: The Legend of Aang)

“So you know the right kind of love the kind that’s real that sacrifices that kind of love doesn’t blind you. It actually helps you see.”

The Paladins at Dinner
  • <p> <b>Lance:</b> Hey daddy can you pass me the salt?<p/><b>Everyone, groaning:</b> not again<p/><b>Shiro, bright red:</b> *passes the salt*<p/><b>Lance, smug:</b> I can't wait until we get to earth and have a new crowd for this<p/></p>


A bunch of Night in the Woods doodles in my new sketchbook… And I uh… Accidentally gave them a kid… Its just more of a ‘what if’ scenario cause like…

Ew, babies.

meme packs masterlist

its tea time

well bitch you can choke pt 1

well bitch you can choke pt 2

bitch say it again

this is going to be lit

stop it

chaotic gay (?)

lawful gay

realizing they ran out of chicken nuggets but you’re next in line and you haven’t eaten in seven hours

booty had me like

funny (?) I love you

super depressed because you know your baby is going through a hard time but you can’t help them so you have to sit and watch them suffer when all you want to do is hug and support them and tell them you love them

kpop mean girls

I can´t handle all this

waiting in the doctor office waiting room





sale at your fav store

Jisung and Seongwoo (from produce 101 / Wanna one)

stayed up three nights in a row to study for this exam

school stress

can’t find my wallet

my favorite memes (except GOT7, BTS and EXO memes)

when someone is talking shit about you

while showering, I got soap in my eyes

having to go to summer school

“monsta x hasn’t won an award yet what’s a person got to do around here to get them the recognition they deserve”

EXO comeback without Yixing

tries to do aegyo but fails terribly

“I dont know what to do with my life anymore" 

“are you fuckin serious?”

shinee meme pack

when the fuck did this person mess up my bias list without me realizing it

“weird sunset memes” meme pack

“right in front of my salad?” meme pack

VIXX LR meme pack

Seventeen Hoshi and Jihoon

Seventeen pt. 1

Seventeen pt. 2

NCT meme pack

random GOT7 memes

Jaebum pt1

Jaebum pt2


my favorite GOT7 memes

random BTS memes

flower Hoseok

random Taehyung

my favorite BTS memes

random EXO

my favorite EXO memes

“the swimming pool girl feat. exo” meme pack

“kyungsoo cursed images that could work as memes“ meme pack

“Junmyeon done with everyone’s shit” meme pack

Baekxing meme pack

“EXO in these weird sunset memes“ meme pack

anonymous asked:

I absolutely love your blog and rely heavily on it for my Hanzo and McHanzo needs. That being said, do you have/could you make a masterpost of you fav fics? I'd read them all in one night, most likely, but for one night I would be in heaven!

Thank you so much Darlin’! So happy to hear you’re enjoying it!
Okay now, *cracks knuckles*  If you can read all these in one night I want to shake your hand……

Popcorn Redemption by wyntera

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors by vandoodle

Five Times Hanzo Shimada Lost His Composure by leoandlancer

Keep You On My Side by maskedhero, radiantsaber

Who Taught You How to Hate by Valpur

Look Up and Wonder by MarieJacquelyn

four days by starscry

Closure  Blue  &  Against All Odds  by CommonNonsense 

Lost in Translation by BenevolentErrancy 

Willing to Lie by Ilyen

Jackrabbit by Sochineya

Fool’s Gold by sgtbaarnes (CastielsTeaCabinet)

Dead Man Walking (series) Hold Tight (drabble)
by xanavici 

and there’s a few little drabbles out there i failed to bookmark, but will try to hunt down and attach to this. 

Some real McGood reads here y’all.