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hi! I was just wondering what your favorite books are, aside from trc of course. so sorry if you've already answered this!

aa, hi !! okay… so, truthfully, i have read embarrassingly little in the last few years (thanks to college and the fact that i just. keep rereading trc instead of reading new things)… so my current collection of favorites is limited mostly to everyone’s tumblr favs! but… here’s some that i really enjoyed! ❤️

six of crows: i Love this duology So Much that i have a second sideblog for it, omg. (@dangerousinej) it’s got morally ambiguous crime kids and found families and fantasy elements… the worldbuilding is immersive, the characters are complex and human and diverse and absolutely stunning, the plot is engaging and exciting, and i can’t recommend it highly enough! :’) also the author is super duper lovely!

aristotle & dante discover the secrets of the universe: this book changed my life a lil bit. it’s a beautifully crafted love story between two mexican-american boys in the 1980s, but it’s also a lot about family and figuring out who you are and it’s… awesome. like. i am of the opinion that Everyone could benefit from reading this book. i read it all in one sitting and was legitimately a different person afterwards. and the author (who is, like, Amazing) is working on a sequel rn!!

simon vs the homo sapiens agenda: i read this one all in one sitting too! it’s about a gay boy named simon and his anonymous online gay best friend/boyfriend, who also happens to go to his school, and it was really true to my own experience with my sexuality & coming out? like, it was cool to see a story about coming out that was more like ‘this. is awkward and unnecessarily complicated and i don’t know how to do it’ rather than, like, High-Stakes Gay Angst Life Or Death. and like… it does high schoolers Right? they’re flawed and messy but they’re Doing Their Best because high school is hard. it was a really nice read!! 


lgbtq meme: 6 gay/lesbian characters » elena alvarez, one day at a time

When I think about love, I see myself someday loving a woman.


northern downpour // panic! at the disco

pls watch this video of male melodies fanboying over btob and btob’s cute reactions in return. thx. (ಥ益ಥ)♡ / © hugmejoo

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MINHYUK: you too!!!!!


tensemi for @yurrikatsuki ▪️ @hqrarepairexchange 💕

I thought about childhood friends reunion or them seeing each other again after graduation! I hope you like it! 💜